Empowering Discrete Manufacturers to Outperform
  • "Shoplogix has allowed us to really get back into where the root causes lie and helped us determine the right course of action. We've been able to see the behaviours of our team members change where they are now accountable to each other as teammates."
    Magna - Shoplogix customer
    Diego Castro
    Assistant General Manager, Magna
  • "When using a manual system, you’d have to walk the entire plant floor and try to understand how you’re doing machine to machine and then try to set priorities. Now I know where to focus and can see the entire plant floor in a matter of minutes. I'm now able to quickly pinpoint the areas that may be struggling and use my time in a much more efficient way."
    Magna - Shoplogix customer
    Kurt Hamilton
    Assembly Manager, Magna
  • "Because we have 360,000 square feet and 34 presses strung from one end to another, and only one guy watching it all, it got to be very difficult to have a handle on it. Shoplogix allowed us to highlight our time and money losses and start gaining it back - almost immediately."
    IAC - Shoplogix customer
    Chris Whetstine
    CI Specialist, IAC
  • "When we first put Shoplogix on the floor, one of the things we noticed right away was that the employees took great interest. From just that an immediate difference was made. We started seeing downtimes go down and breaks shortened. It gave them some skin in the game."
    IAC - Shoplogix
    Dan Vinson
    Operations Manager, IAC


1.  Is your production data inaccurate, latent or unreliable?
2.  Do you have limited or no visibility into plant wide performance?
3.  Is performance analysis complex and time consuming for you?
4.  Do you find it difficult to sustain performance improvements?
5.  Have you tried other products that have failed to deliver?
6.  Are you ready to see the difference that Shoplogix makes?