Achieving Operational Excellence With the Smart Factory Suite

Achieving operational excellence is a top priority for many manufacturing businesses. In a notable success story, a healthcare manufacturing company worked with Shoplogix and implemented the Smart Factory Suite. This resulted in a 27% decrease in micro-stoppages and a 67% reduction in personnel rotation time.

Facing manual processes, communication issues and data deficiencies

Before Shoplogix, the manufacturing company had several challenges that hindered productivity and efficiency. This was due to the reliance on manual processes, which resulted in inconsistent reporting, limited visibility into downtime and micro-stoppages and prolonged personnel rotation time.

  • Manual Processes: The absence of an effective visual system prevented operators from gaining valuable insights to improve production.
  • Communication Gaps: The lack of a universally accessible system hampered communication and coordination across different levels of the manufacturing plant.
  • Real-Time Data Deficiency: The company did not have access to reliable and real-time data, which led to inaccurate reporting and a lack of accountability on the shop floor.
What is the Shoplogix Smart Factory Suite?

Shoplogix’s Smart Factory Suite proved to be a viable solution to overcome the aforementioned challenges. This comprehensive suite led to the digitization of manual processes, automated data collection and downtime reporting. This empowered operators with valuable insights.

The Smart Factory Suite itself features two key offerings: the Digital Whiteboard and Core Analytics. These innovative solutions play a pivotal role in enhancing productivity and maximizing overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) throughout the manufacturing floor.

  • Digital Whiteboard: A powerful digitization and visualization tool that collects data to offer key production metrics. It also transforms manual tracking systems into easy-to-read metrics for decision makers.
  • Core Analytics: An easy-to-use solution that standardizes metrics across the plant floor. It empowered various departments to create customizable and pre-built dashboards.
Decreasing micro-stoppages, improving rotation time, reducing downtime

These offerings meant enhanced visibility, multi-level accessibility and actionable insights. Through a useful visual system, operators gained deeper insights into production challenges and optimized performance. Meanwhile, allowing employees at all levels of the plant to have access to the company’s system allowed for better communication and coordination. Additionally, information on downtime helped with creating enterprise-level reports used in the decision-making process.

Overall, the implementation of Shoplogix’s Smart Factory Suite delivered significant results for the manufacturing company. Notable achievements included the following:

  • Decreased Micro-Stoppages: By effectively identifying and addressing micro-stoppages, the company experienced a substantial reduction in downtime from 36% to 63% within a short span of four months. This improvement contributed to enhanced production efficiency.
  • Improved Personnel Rotation: The company successfully reduced personnel rotation time from 13 minutes to 10.3 minutes in just three months. This efficiency boost led to an increase of over 116,000 units gained per year and notable cost savings.
  • Reduced Overall Downtime: The introduction of standardized data collection resolved inconsistencies in downtime reporting for the company’s most significant production line. Accurate and reliable data allowed the company to optimize downtime, leading to improved operational efficiency and minimized disruptions.

These achievements, including a 27% decrease in micro-stoppages and a 67% reduction in personnel rotation time, further demonstrated the value of the Smart Factory Suite.

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