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Explore how Shoplogix’s Smart Factory Suite can deliver OEE improvements to your Magna operations. 

our magna
case study

How we helped MAGNA OPERATIONS improve their MAFACT score by impacting 4 of 8 MAFACT Categories.

  1. Manufacturing Excellence

    1. Digital Andon reduced response times to pages from 15min down to less then 10 – a direct impact on OEE
    2. Action plan module allowed them to target and build plans to solve critical issues
    3. SLX supported the CI mindset with real time visualized production data
  2. Quality

    1. Track and monitor scrap and identify root cause issues to contain potential problems
  3. Safety
  4. Management

    1. KPI reporting through analytics 
    2. Problem solving using action plan
    3. Centralized Daily operations and management reporting
    4. Assist with Capacity planning

our smart factory suite has successfuly supported and accelerated operational excellence in multiple magna manufacturers

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