Deliver the Right
Information to the
Right Person
at the Right Time

Shoplogix messaging platform allows for messages to be broadcasted from one central location to desired plants, machines and people to increase awareness of bottlenecks, emergencies, and company announcements.

Resolution Time

Expand urgent messages to a larger size to attract attention and maximize visibility. Easily integrate with multiple data sources such as MES and ERP systems as well as other Shoplogix solutions..

Smarter Decision

Avoid costly mistakes, errors and missed communication with automated messages that are collected from machine data in Shoplogix. Leverage more useful information for smarter and faster decision making.

Shop Floor

Become a paperless plant by allowing web-pages or pdf documents to be accessed through the Shoplogix interface.

See how Shoplogix Messaging compares to manual-messaging processes.

Capacidadmanual messagesShoplogix messaging solution
Messages integrated other system such as ERPs.
Messages automatically triggered by collected machine data.
Quick visibility of messages plant/enterprise-wide.
Prioritizing order of messages be displayed in accordance with urgency.
Real-time status updates display.

Connect People in More

Relevant, Valuable Ways

ERP Integration

Messaging can be integrated with MES, PLC, iQS, Web, Database or ERP systems. Extrapolate and share data from other systems for greater visibility of issues from the entire product cycle.

Schedule Messages

Scheduled messages tied into production processes to ensure the right to information is delivered at the right time. For example, scheduled maintenance work can be broadcasted as well as quality notices with desired expiration dates and amount of time to be displayed.

Data and Analytics

Leverage Shoplogix data to broadcast messages by using Shoplogix alerting and messaging in conjunction. For example machine alerts, quality notices, safety procedures can all be displaced at the same time.

Include Attachments

Hyperlink web-pages or attach pdf documents such as summary reports to include more detailed information on messages.

Easily Categorize
and Color Code

Create categories which set the theme of the message and assign desired color. Prioritize messages on screen and allow the ability to dismiss that have been read.


Connect people in valuable ways and build culture by broadcasting messages such as company event notices.

Los resultados de nuestros clientes hablan por sí mismos.

"We have monitors at each station and each production press that shows operators, visitor, or management coming through the plant to visualize our ideas. The colors are a nice far away visual as well as once you get up to the screen it shows you more detail from the pieces per hour to the scrap pieces produced to the downtime minutes."    
-Carole Jones, Continuous Improvement Specialist, IAC


OEE increase


Bottleneck decrease


Response time decrease

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Download to learn more about how Shoplogix messaging allows for messages to be broadcasted from one central location to desired plants, machines and people.

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