Depict Insights into Your Production Data

This extensive Shoplogix workshop shows you the right features to unlock your data to utilize the smart factory solution to its fullest capability. Train on new concepts within the Shoplogix platform and incorporate best practices and CI initiatives into your daily and weekly routine.

Plant Tour / Discovery

  • Our knowledgeable smart factory experts tour your facility to ensure the correctness of all connected lines.
  • We review visual assets and operator entry devices.
  • A Shoplogix expert will consult with users, supervisors, and managers on the current state of implementation and identify any deficiencies.
  • Gain exclusive recommendations to improve employee engagement.

Take part in daily shift meeting for Best Practices analysis

  • The Shoplogix Professional Services team collects information on how typical meetings are currently being held.
  • We provide our expertise on how to maximize adoption of the Shoplogix Smart Factory software solutions on a day-to-day basis.

Overview of basic concepts

  • Learn the widely adopted features and applications in the Shoplogix Smart Factory Platform.
  • Review connectivity methods and options for alternate data collection.
  • Gain actionable insights into manufacturing best practices to maximize ROI and drive CI initiatives.

Smart Factory Platform training – basic and advanced

  • Gain an overview of how to best navigate the Shoplogix Smart Factory Platform.
  • Access detailed training on each screen option.
  • Discuss machine states and how they are influenced.
  • Learn how to analyze downtime and scrap entry review.
  • Accelerate CI initiatives with the use of comments.
  • Learn how to enter jobs and modify parameters.
  • Master the search options of various screens.
  • Analysis of current data from the facility.
  • Overview of Additional features and functions.

Advanced reporting

  • Taking the data one step further, we delve into the reporting options.
  • We train on the use of favorites on an ongoing basis.
  • Gain insightful discussions on data analysis and trends using feeds from your facility.
  • We work with you to establish procedures for long-term data analytics.

Data access and visualization

  • Discuss and review with Shoplogix experts the options currently in use.
  • Learn the opportunities available with the use of different screens.
  • Learn how to leverage the Shoplogix Smart Factory Platform for daily meetings.

New Feataures & Modules

  • Review current and future features and enhancements from Shoplogix.
  • Garner information on which solutions would best fit your plant’s operational needs.
  • Gain an in-depth review and understanding of applications and deployment options.

Best Practices Day-to-Day

  • Learn how to use information from the daily and shift meetings to establish best practices for adopting Shoplogix.
  • Access continued training on reports that could be best used to support daily meetings.
  • Review data with Shoploigx experts and identify available visualization options.

Unlock Your Smart Factory Platform’s
Full Potential

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