A step-by-step approach to measure,

quantify, understand, and improve the

financial impact of top losses

This 2-day hands-on Kaizen workshop with a Shoplogix smart factory expert focuses on the fundamental methods and tools needed to effectively apply Lean and Six Sigma to your manufacturing and processes to reduce lead/cycle times, improve productivity and service quality.

Plant Tour / Discovery

  • Our knowledgeable team will walk the facility to review all connected lines to ensure correctness.
  • We will review visual assets and operator entry devices.
  • Discuss with users, supervisors, and managers the current state of implementation and any deficiencies.
  • Recommend improvements to drive engagement.

Understand the Latest Best Practices

  • Learn real-world use cases and best practices of leading manufacturers.
  • Learn current and future features and enhancements from Shoplogix.
  • Speak with a Shoplogix smart factory expert on which solutions would best fit your plants’ operational needs.
  • Learn about new applications and deployment options.

Identify Top Losses Using the Smart Factory Platform

  • Learn how to use data and analytics in the Shoplogix smart factory platform to uncover hidden areas of loss.
  • Create methods and options for data analytics.
  • Determine top production losses.

Understand the Financial impact

  • Using the top defined losses, learn how to apply financial tools and knowledge to prioritize the list.
  • Expand on the impact challenges of that list.

Identify Kaizen Opportunity

  • Shoplogix experts work with you to develop the Kaizen workflow and identify team members to manage the process going forward.
  • We help to identify the problem statement, measure baseline and quantify opportunity (Plan), analyze, identify & implement corrective actions (Do).

Follow up visit to Check & Quantify

  • We re-assemble team on site to assess the impact of actions implemented (Check).
  • Learn how to implement adjusted actions and preventive measures.
  • Review how to measure and quantify improvement(s) (Act).
  • Work with a smart factory expert to create steps to sustain results.

Build Workshop Case Study

  • Gain a fully documented Kaizen study.
  • Create Lean Six Sigma system for process improvement Kaizen (Plan, Do, Check, Act) using built-in A3 sheet.

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Full Potential

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