Access real-time data
on-site or remotely to drive
continuous improvement

Digitize manufacturing processes and integrate ERPs, MES systems for actionable insights into quality, materials, energy, labor with industry 4.0 based smart manufacturing technology.

Maximize Consumer

Optimize capacity to keep up with changes in demand by tracking top losses by the hour, to make smart decisions on the amount of achievable output or capacity to meet timeframes.

Implement Lean

Facilitate a continuous improvement culture with easy idea capture. Create measurable action plans, tie tasks to individuals and drive engagement.


Keep employees on track and aligned with production goals as well as individual task progress with visual dashboards.

Provide holistic production analytics
across manufacturing teams
with comprehensive
smart manufacturing features

Optimize Preventative Maintenance

Take an evidence-based approach by analyzing operational data from each machine to identify any patterns that emerge to predict when maintenance will be required on any given equipment.

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Create and Share Action Plans

Link plant-floor losses back to roles and people in your plant, driving action and accountability. Create measurable action plans, tie tasks to individuals and drive engagement and kaizen culture.

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Real-time Pareto Reports

Dig deeper into data OEE waterfalls with Pareto reports that collect downtime, OEM stoppage availability losses, performance losses, and top issues at the plant, line, area or machine level.

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Facilitate JIT Production

Connect the flow of components with consumption for JIT processing to save inventory costs.

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Optimize Labor Scheduling

Connect ERP and Job Expectations to Shoplogix labor tracking software to track direct labor rate variances per machine and per product. Uncover opportunities to improve your processes, and gain a better understanding of where your plant floor struggles to achieve production goals

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Production summary screens

Run daily production meetings using production summary screens. Review top issues for downtime, scrap and compare performance by shift.

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Los resultados de nuestros clientes hablan por sí mismos.

"La transformación digital de Shoplogix al desempeño de la planta ha sido sorprendente. Nos ha permitido ver información que nunca antes había estado disponible. Podemos ver a cualquier máquina, cualquier operación, ya sea por turno, por día, por semana o por mes, lo que nos ha permitido acceder a oportunidades para mejorar nuestra producción."
-Chris Gray, Gerente de Planta, IAC
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Improved Production Visibility
MAGNA Modatek Systems shares how the implementation of Shoplogix has improved production visibility through real-time machine data helped to understand process bottlenecks and enabled monitoring of OEE as well as continuous improvement initiatives.
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