Validate CapEX and Justify
Payback Time with IIoT Backed Production Data

The finance department in any manufacturing operation has an important role to play in supporting a forward-looking strategy in the development of the organization’s data analytics while keeping production costs down. Shoplogix provides the necessary detailed views into product, labor, energy, and materials costs to identify cost-saving opportunities and increase profitability.

I need to justify technology
investment payback time

The short deployment time of Shoplogix means operations will see ROI sooner. Use our ROI calculator to get an estimate on payback time in months for your Shoplogix smart factory software investment.
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I need to
justify ROI

Shoplogix facilitates the tracking of performance data such as OEE. This data helps to understand the potential benefits and tie those benefits to financial metrics such as revenue, costs, and asset levels to justify the software investment.

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I need to decrease price
per unit sold

Detailed insights into production costs, which take into account direct materials, labor and overhead help to see where to cut costs and save money faster. Track and analyze material and labor variance to control costs related to overtime and yield.

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I need to reduce
variable costs

Connect energy and labor consumption to the pulse of your machines and tap into real-time consumption data to identify hidden saving opportunities without compromising on production efficiency or product quality.

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I need to validate
capital expenditures

Create a solid business plan to validate machine and automation capEX utilizing real-time production data reporting. Consolidate your financial reporting and several other administrative costs and make smart decisions on depreciating assets.

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On average, operations that are more digitally advanced dedicate 65%
of their global factory budget to smart factory initiatives.

Shoplogix IIoT smart factory solutions
are trusted by manufacturing operations
across many different industries.
Our robust, easy-to-use cloud software
with remote access, provides the data you need,
anytime, anywhere.


Maximize capacity with a central, real-time IIoT data platform that connects people, processes, data, and assets.

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Bienes Empacados
De Consumo

Manage challenges of changing consumer demand, heightened competition and production line

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and Beverage

Reduce Yield, Improve Quality, and Adapt to Market Changes.

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Meet the demands of growing eco-conscious customers by reducing waste and energy.

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Connect, streamline and automate steel fabrication and manufacturing processes to reduce coil and material yield, save on energy.

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Data transactions / day


Connected Machines


OEE Improvement

3 Months

Payback Time

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Smart Factory Platform Business Value and Justification
With any new software investment, it is important to determine ROI to establish company buy-in. The reduction of labor dollars and quick payback were the main drivers for Mauser to justify an investment in the system.
Calculadora de Retorno de Inversión de Shoplogix
[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]Use our ROI calculator to get an estimate on payback time in months for your Shoplogix smart factory software investment..[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]
Manténgase Esbelto con Shoplogix
Luego de adoptar procesos y procedimientos de manufactura esbelta a través de la implementación de Shoplogix, la empresa líder en metales y productos industriales, Samuel, Son & co., obtuvo mejoras en desempeño de línea con un 85% de crecimiento en tiempo activo y $216,000 USD de utilidad nueva.

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