Improve your rate of change,
sustain improvement culture
and understand your impact
on the bottom line

Though continuous improvement in manufacturing is not a new concept, today, there is more pressure than ever for manufacturing companies to improve their performance. Capture, implement, measure, and adjust new ideas to improve production performance with IIoT smart factory technology.

I need reliable data

Access real-time machine data with hourly views and automated reporting to track true uptime and losses.
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I need to standardize
production processes

Adopt lean methodology and standardize improvement processes and measurement of events such as micro stops and MTBF loss analytics plant-wide.

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I need to drive consistent
and scalable results

Run daily meetings and assign action plans to drive frontline continuous improvement programs with centralized data. Use trend analysis reports and OEE waterfall reports to measure what is working and what is not.

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I need a better way of
documenting improvements

Track and save metrics and results for each improvement initiative. Create an accessible repository of successful standard processes and improvement initiatives and share metrics plant-wide.

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I need to show how
changes are sustained

Get updates on the status of improvement projects everywhere, instantly in a single platform. Automate reporting and present progress with meeting views. Track individual productivity year over year.

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By 2021, 80 percent of midsize to large enterprises will change their culture
as a way to accelerate their digital transformation journey.

Shoplogix IIoT smart factory solutions
are trusted by manufacturing operations
across many different industries.
Our robust, easy-to-use cloud software
with remote access, provides the data you need,
anytime, anywhere.


Maximize capacity with a central, real-time IIoT data platform that connects people, processes, data, and assets.

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Bienes Empacados
De Consumo

Manage challenges of changing consumer demand, heightened competition and production line

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and Beverage

Reduce Yield, Improve Quality, and Adapt to Market Changes.

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Meet the demands of growing eco-conscious customers by reducing waste and energy.

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Connect, streamline and automate steel fabrication and manufacturing processes to reduce coil and material yield, save on energy.

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Data transactions / day


Connected Machines


OEE Improvement


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Manténgase Esbelto con Shoplogix
Luego de adoptar procesos y procedimientos de manufactura esbelta a través de la implementación de Shoplogix, la empresa líder en metales y productos industriales, Samuel, Son & co., obtuvo mejoras en desempeño de línea con un 85% de crecimiento en tiempo activo y $216,000 USD de utilidad nueva.
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Magna Modatek Systems comparte cómo la implementación del Plan de Acción mejoró su tiempo operativo en 24.7% y su tasa de Producción en 20%.
Impulsando a la Gente Primero en las Fábricas Inteligentes de Hoy
Aprenda cómo conectar a su gente con su plataforma de fábrica inteligente IIoT para competir en el panorama de manufactura en constante cambio y reduzca los riesgos de recortes en el trabajo de su industria.
La Nueva Generación de "Acercamiento a la Fábrica Conectada"
Aprenda cómo la fuerza laboral de la fábrica conectada de hoy puede avanzar sus esfuerzos de mejora contínua y cómo una sociedad entre su fábrica conectada e iniciativas de mejora contínua puede resultar en mejor productividad, eficiencia y responsabilidades.

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