Partner with Us and Reap the Business Benefits of the Constellation Software Unique Model

Our strategy is to build a smart manufacturing software vertical under the Constellation Software umbrella by acquiring and growing high-quality software companies in the world. It is a strategy previously executed by Constellation Software in more than 100 other industry verticals.

Access capital and knowledge to Acquire, Strengthen, and Grow your business, portfolio, market coverage, and competitive advantage.

Own for Life; Never Sell

Plan and build for the long-term to maximize value and creation for customers and employees. Never go through the disruptive buy and sell cycle again.

Autonomous and Decentralized Acquisitions

Your brand is preserved. Your management team is in control instead of being vertically integrated.

Access to Operational Best Practices, Global Network and Resources

Leverage learnings and best practices from over 500 companies. Access new markets and a global customer base.

Access to Unlimited Capital

Possibilities are limitless for organic growth and add-on acquisitions.

Entrepreneurial Compensation Plan

Compensation is based on revenue growth and profitability of the business, all while building ownership in Constellation Software.

When you partner with Shoplogix, you join the best-of breed integrated software companies that create a unified and sustainable competitive advantage while maintaining the entrepreneurial spirit and focus to deliver world class solutions for customers.


We acquire, strengthen and grow B2B mission-critical proprietary vertical market software companies.

Investment Period



100% cash for 100% equity; capital committed for organic growth and add-on acquisitions.

Decision Making

Autonomous at current management level.


Access to network of 400+ CEOs and Entrepreneurs worldwide.


Access to best practices
developed over 25 years in various markets and industries.

Speed of Process

Fast within 1-3 months due to in-house M&A team and efficient process.


Hands-on involvement with suggestive support from operation sponsors.

25 Years

of focus on growing

B2B software business


global acquisitions


market cap




offices globally

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