Together, we work smarter to shape the future of the digital shop floor

Our goal is to help manufacturers worldwide succeed in transforming their operations. Our value-added services, referral, and reseller partners are essential to achieving this goal. Help your clients grow their operations, build trust in your expertise, and expand your business in return!

Professional Services Partners

Professional Services Partners provide specialized services that complement the Shoplogix Smart Factory Platform in the areas of management consulting, operational excellence and continuous improvement training services, systems integration, automation, and process redesign.


Referral Partners

Referral partners recommend the Shoplogix Smart Factory IIoT platform to companies interested in improving manufacturing efficiency. Referral partners assist in the sales process and refer qualified prospects to the Shoplogix sales team.


Reseller Partners

Reseller Partners license the Shoplogix Smart Factory IIoT Platform and offer end-to-end services to discrete manufacturers in their respective regions. Resellers are the single point of contact for delivery of the Shoplogix solution and operate independently to manage sales, implementation, and training as well as ongoing support and maintenance.


Partnership Benefits


Be a part of a leading IIoT platform and become a leader in a highly competitive, dynamic marketplace. With Shoplogix advanced solutions, and grasp of market strategy, our partners are well positioned for global growth.

Consultative Training

Learn more about Shoplogix and access the expertise of our sales team to learn how to position our offering with your clients. With more than 18 years of experience with our customers’ unique operation processes and requirements, gain actionable insights into what your clients are looking for.

Full Support

When you sign on to become a Shoplogix partner, we work with you every step of the way. Gain full product training by qualified smart factory experts, a partner badge on our website (or partner catalogue) and resources to help you succeed!