Plan, Do, Check, Adjust!
Act on Your Biggest Improvement

Shoplogix digital action plan solution automates action plan tracking and management to accelerate workflows and drive continuous results.

Drive ownership
and accountability

Every task is assigned to an individual with deadlines. Improve engagement by allowing teams to go through the workflows from identifying production losses to addressing shift priorities .

Drive continuous
Improvement Culture

Follow-up on Actions at regular intervals in order to ensure convergence and measure possible discrepancies to continuously adjust solutions.

Monitoring Costs

Reduce the frequency and costs of manual machine observation and performance measurement. Share solutions between shifts cutting down on changeover shift time.

See how Shoplogix digital Action Plan system compares with physical

white-boards and general task management tools.

CapabilityPhysical whiteboards and general task management toolsShoplogix Action plan
Identify issues end document their resolutions

Monitor tasks to completion using due dates

Stay up to data on unintended machine events

Automatically connect tasks with specific machine states or events
Automatically update work action plan statuses
Automatically sort issues by machines or areas on your shop-floor
Automatically link problems to relevant machine information to diagnose issues
Instantly share production issues with supervisors and managers
Review and analyze historical data related to specific machines
Share solutions between operator shifts, cutting down on changeover shift time
Accurately track ownership and accountability of issues

A Comprehensive View

of all Your Action Plans

Tie Action Plans
to Machine Events

Create an Action Plan that is automatically linked to a specific, down-to-the-minute machine state event and reason, reducing human error and allowing your operators to accurately map issues throughout a shift.

Historical Data

As you work through your Action Plan, your progress status updates accordingly. Your Action Plan history is never erased, allowing you to track and monitor historical data to facilitate traceability.


Action Plan associates downtime comments to actions with the date and time to drive results. All action plans are triggered with standardized comments – click comment to identity time and date the issue happened.


Saved solutions and results are easily accessed and allows new employees to learn historical issues to troubleshoot problems more efficiently and prevent future mishaps.


Link problems to relevant machine information to diagnose issues and automatically sort issues by machines or areas on the shop floor to get a clearer picture of urgent tasks.


Automatically update work action plan statuses as employees work to complete them and instantly share results with management.

Our Customers’ Results Speak For Themselves.

“When it comes to continuous improvement, we never stop. We’re always moving forward [...] You’re always moving towards a goal. Digital information tells us if we’re moving in the right direction or not. Let’s say you want to start a process today, you want to see if next week you are better than today. You want to have this information at the tip of your fingers to realize what you’ve implemented was successful or not. You can get this feedback immediately with Shoplogix rather than costly observation of equipment”
-Diego Castro, AGM, MAGNA, Cosma Division Modatek Systems
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Improvement OEE


Increase Production Rate


Increase Uptime


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