Do More with Less Everyday with CI Software

Gain actionable insights into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to implementing new ideas to improve production performance with IIoT smart factory technology.

Bottom-Up Initiatives

The 80/20 principle of improvement is that 80% of an operation’s potential for improvement lies in front-line ideas. Capture, collect and act on more innovative solutions from one central location.

Meet Business Goals

Accelerate the progress of key objectives such as energy reduction by creating strategic improvement goals and smart KPIs to manage the improvement of projects of any size and scope.


Create an accessible repository of successful standard processes and improvement initiatives and share metrics to replicate improvements in other plants and locations.

Accelerate Improvement with

CI IIoT Technology.

Drive Accountability with Action Plan

Link plant-floor losses back to roles and people in your plant, driving action and accountability. Create measurable action plans, tie tasks to individuals and drive engagement by giving access to improvement data.
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Reduce Operations Costs with

Connect energy consumption to the pulse of your machines and tap into real-time consumption data to identify hidden energy-saving opportunities without compromising on production efficiency or product quality.
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Define and Measure Kaizen

Empower your team to create, experiment, implement and measure process improvement ideas through digitized Kaizen management. Build a lean continuous improvement culture through learning and collaboration across your operations.
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Improve Engagement with Messaging

Increase the visibility of bottlenecks, urgent issues, company updates, machine statuses with centrally controlled messages that can be distributed to the right people and the right time at a corporation, plant, line, or machine level.
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Our Customers’ Results Speak For Themselves.

“When it comes to continuous improvement, we never stop. We’re always moving forward [...] You’re always moving towards a goal. Digital information tells us if we’re moving in the right direction or not. Let’s say you want to start a process today, you want to see if next week you are better than today. You want to have this information at the tip of your fingers to realize what you’ve implemented was successful or not. You can get this feedback immediately with Shoplogix rather than costly observation of equipment”
-Diego Castro, AGM, MAGNA, Cosma Division Modatek Systems
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Decrease in Downtown


Productivity Increase


Runtime Increase


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Real Results with CI Software
MAGNA Modatek Systems shares how the implementation of Action Plan improved their uptime by 24.7% and production rate by 20%.
Action Plan Solution Brief
Download to learn how Shoplogix Action Plan automatically links work action plans to specific machine states and ties plant-floor losses back to roles and people in your plant, driving action and accountability.
Kaizen Workflow
Learn how Shoplogix Kaizen solution accelerates and sustains continuous improvement initiatives through simplified step-by-step processes for defining problems identified by Shoplogix data.
Shop Floor Best Practices
See how Shoplogix helped automotive component manufacturer, IAC, impress their customers by standardizing plant processes, establishing CI projects, and leveraging real-time machine data to optimize production.

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