Accelerate your

energy-saving goals

enterprise wide

Unlock hidden energy saving potential with powerful reporting and analytics to transition from a plant-level view of energy cost to a detailed, data-driven, machine-level view of energy consumption, enterprise-wide.

Improved Visibility into
Energy Consumption

Pinpoint energy-saving opportunities at each machine and get a better understanding of energy cost per part with real-time insights into machine energy consumption such as water, air, gas, electricity, and steam.

Quantify Product Cost

Better define the costs to produce individual products with detailed real-time and historical data into energy usage per machine to make smarter decisions around critical energy consumption and product costing.

Achieve Sustainability

Reduce energy waste by scheduling production (machine startup and shutdown) based on an optimal energy footprint and avoid having idle machines running for long periods of time.

See how Shoplogix integrated Energy Management software compares with manual, plant-level energy consumption data.

CapabilityEnergy Consumption only available at the plant-level.Shoplogix Energy Monitoring
Real-time visibility into Energy Consumption per machine
Alerts to operations or Energy project manager when unscheduled machines are energy consumption
Real-time visibility into energy consumption per part
Feedback to ERP on average energy cost oer part
Ability to perform root-cost analysis of all energy components (gas, electricity, etc) compared with production runspeeds
Ability to understand true cost of maintenance and changeover downtimes
Instantly share and escalate consumption out-of-specissues with supervisors and managers
Build downtime & energy reduction strategies between departments using automated data
Accurately track ownership and accountability of issues

Improve Energy Usage Transparency to Uncover Hidden Costs

Automated Alerts

Set up real-time alerts to notify operations of running machines after production has ended and abnormalities in energy usage due to system leakages, significant changes in temperature, etc.

EPR Integration

Analyze consumption
variations based on the part or product you are creating and feed costs back to the ERP for better estimations and planning strategies in the future.


Drill down into specific energy points individually and utilize the right data to establish smart KPIs to reduce costs. Measure water usage, cooling system efficiency, temperature, pressure, electricity, gas, steam flow, boiler efficiency, etc. to identify the best energy waste reduction opportunities.

Our Customers’ Results Speak For Themselves.

“The relationship with Shoplogix halfway through our deployment has not changed, if anything, it has gotten stronger. From a support standpoint, Shologix has been present from the very beginning of our launch and continues to improve the relationship and how they're working with us in our utilization in the system."
-Joel Scott, Vice President, Operations, IAC
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Increase in OEE


Decrease in Speed Loss


Increase in Ebitda


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