Transform Ideas into
Actions Faster

Plan, Do, Check, Act (PDCA) continuous improvement initiatives from idea to realization and beyond and gain immediate insights into the impact of Kaizen events with real-time, user-friendly digitized Kaizen management.

Track Progress
in Real-Time

Switch from manual spreadsheets and whiteboards to automated digital Kaizen tracking with real-time progress charts and visual dashboards to identify issues faster and document resolutions.


Reduce resistance to change from operators by enabling access to the information required to get daily jobs done easily and reduce turnover rates.


Standardize your approach to CI projects and project tracking, to drive adoption enterprise-wide. Understand how to quantify costs and estimate ROI.

See how Shoplogix digitized kaizen solution compares

with manual kaizen management tools.

CapabilitySpreadsheet based kaizen managment toolsShoplogix kaizen tracking
Identify issues and document their resolutions

Monitor tasks to completion using due dates

Use an industry-standard A3 Kaizen Project Template to design and track your intliative

Automatically track improvement progress and receive real-time alerts on machine conditions
Easily collaborate using online cloud capabilities
Accurately quantity Potential for improvement using real data
Monitor all CI Projects in real-time for your plant or organization
Share successes with your entire organization
Search and review historical improvement projects
Accurately track ownership and accountability across departments and your entire organization

High-Impact Kaizen like you’ve never seen it.

Connect to Machine Data

Gain visibility into root causes to help justify improvement initiatives with real-time data. Accurately quantify expected ROI, and track the improvements from start to end.

Centralize Information

Add team members to kaizen projects to allow others to view information and make changes to the project without having to worry about multiple document version conflicts.

Assign Tasks

Accurately track ownership and accountability across departments and your entire organization. Track active and completed projects, time and cost to completion data by task.

Automated Reporting

Automate progress tracking of Kaizen activities based on status updates and receive real time alerts on machine conditions.

Access Historical Data

Search and review historical improvement projects and metrics by project type or machine type to gain best practices and increase the chance of project success.

Schedule Kaizen Events

Create your Kaizen actions on the spot or schedule them in advance. Just enter the event title, description and dates to get started.

Our Customers’ Results Speak For Themselves.

“When we put Shoplogix on the floor, one of the things we noticed right away is that people took great interest in it. They were able to compare and see how they were doing on the Shoplogix board which made an incredible difference.”
-Dan Vinson, Operations Manager, IAC
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Decrease In Downtime


Productivity Increase


Runtime Increase


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