Make Smarter Decisions
with Shoplogix Materials

Shoplogix automated material management features provide real-time equipment data to drive smarter decisions and reduce downtime due to lack of materials or long changeovers.

Improve Material Visibility
on Shop Floor

Cut through the noise on the factory floor and focus on data that matters to prioritize tasks with visual dashboards displayed at every station to drive downtime reduction.

Automate Alerts for
Low Materials

Set up automated alerts when components are close to empty to help make smarter replenishment decisions based on expected job or work order completion time.

Reduce Cost of

Facilitate faster ROI and increased revenue through waste and downtime reduction initiatives and meet environmental goals by facilitating a paperless plant floor with the ability to send component orders digitally to automated picking systems.

See how Shoplogix automated material management system compares to manual material management systems

CapabilityManual Material Managment Systems i.e walkie-talkies or/and on systemsShoplogix Material management
Real-time visibility into component consumption and Inventory
Alert to material handlers when components are close to empty
Real-time visibility into expected completion of current job or work order
Ability to connect to warehouse management software and automate processes
Ability to send orders to automated picking systems or AGV systems (Autonomously Guided Vehicle)
Automatically sort plant-floor component requirements by priority, aiding material pickers to make better decisions on what to replenish first
Automatically link lack of material problems to relevant machine information to diagnose issues
Instantly share and escalate inventory issues with supervisors and managers
Review and analyze historical data related to specific machines
Build downtime reduction strategies between departments using automated data
Accurately track ownership and accountability of issues

Efficiently manage the flow of materials

from raw component parts

to finished goods

Connect Your

Connect your BOM to the Shoplogix materials management system to display real-time component inventories and time-to-empty. This allows smarter decisions to be made on when and what components to deliver to the line.

Reduce Changeover Times
and Inventory Costs

Make effective decisions on when to prepare components required for the next job with real-time estimates of job completion. Empower employees to drive changeover time reductions by reducing the frequency of lack of material bottlenecks.


Automatically link lack of material problems to relevant machine information to diagnose downtime issues faster. Prevent downtime by leveraging this data to provide the right amount of inventory to production lines.

Reduce stock-outs and
line starvation

Set up automated alerts to Material Handlers on the shop floor when components are close to empty. Automatically sort plant-floor component requirements by priority, aiding Material Pickers to make better decisions on what to replenish first.


Trace components and parts to a specific process or job. Your Material Management team has the real-time visibility they need to own their downtime. If a problem does occur, the finger pointing can be turned into an opportunity for improvement, and teams to work collaboratively to generate solutions.

Automate Continuous

Facilitate connectivity between departments to drive a team approach to continuous improvement. Build downtime strategies between departments with the use of historical and automated machine
performance data

Our Customers’ Results Speak For Themselves.

"Shoplogix has allowed us to really get back into where the root causes lie and figure out the right options to close those root causes. We've been able to see the behaviors of the team members change. They're accountable to each other as teammates. Whereas in the past I don't think there was that level of accountability that we now have with the implementation of Shoplogix."
-Darren Charbonneau, Director of Lean Manufacturing and Operational Improvement, MAGNA Dortec
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Productivity Increase


Runtime Increase


Reduced Downtime Due
To Material Handling


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