Sustainable Strategies for Faster

Technology Adoption

Shoplogix Professional Services team members help to build the sustainable strategies and techniques of standardization within your plant. Gain insights into best practices of leading operations to learn how to successfully integrate real-time and historical Shoplogix data into procedures to achieve success.

New Features & Modules

  • Gain insights into Shoplogix corporate roadmap of future products and development.
  • Discuss applicable modules for use in your facility and operations.
  • Experience those modules in action with customized demonstrations.

How Standardization Drives Better Data

  • Our experienced team will share exclusive standardization methods and best practices of smart factory technology.
  • We review your facilities’ current use of the software and reports to identify any missed opportunities.
  • Learn how to identify the right implementation option to best meet your needs.

Leverage Shoplogix Advanced Functionality

  • Learn how API works and how it integrates with Shoplogix.
  • Gain valuable information on advanced reporting to better automate data collection and analysis.
  • Learn how queries work in the system and when to use them.

Optimize Processes

  • Discover how to save on labor and time with detailed line view analysis and data granularity development.
  • Review software settings and reason trees.
  • Identify potential data inputs from existing lines.

Adoption Scorecards

  • Learn and review the Shoplogix scorecard and how scorecard query works in the system including the gathering of OEE data.
  • Gain expert tips for implementation and adoption best practices.

Structured Management Reviews

  • Review how to generate visual key operations data, such as top losses.
  • Learn how to automate management reporting with real-time data and review with the team during daily production meetings.

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