More From Less:
Produce more quality
products with fewer resources
and less waste

Shoplogix integrated quality management solution automatically monitors, measures and controls manufacturing processes from start to finish to meet quality and compliance standards.

Reduce Expensive Mistakes

Problems in your production processes lead to defects and wasted material. Prevent non-conformances before the damage affects your expenses.

Improve Customer

Closed-loop quality management features reduce disruptions to production and ensure fast and reliable delivery.

Meet Compliance Standards

Facilitate traceability from start to finish enabling efficient containment of out of spec industry-specific quality issues

See how Shoplogix Quality Management System can reduce cost of quality (COQ) by identifying opportunities to decrease expenses.

Appraisal costsCosts incurred from quality inspections,
audits, and testing
- Reduce on-boarding costs
- Reduce training costs
- Reduce administrative overhead
- Eliminate paperwork

Easily enforce quality inspections and standardization with all your operators, dramatically reducing on-boarding costs and administrative overhead.

"Paperless Quality" means your quality inspections and their results are al hosted digitally (and securely with Shoplogix, meaning you will never have to spend time or administrative costs on paperwork.
Prevention costsEfforts and techniques that attempt to proactively prevent defects from occurring in the first place- Increase "good quality throughput)
- Reduce material costs
- Reduce third-party QMS vendor costs with  
  a single OEE & Quality system
- Reduce SPC analysis costs

Track your process variables in real-time, and get alerted any time something goes slightly out of the threshold you deem fit for production.

The operational advantage: Improve visibility of production from start to finish

Flexible Quality Inspections

Create your list of quality inspections and determine when they need to be completed (during/before/after a shift, etc.). Mark critical inspections as mandatory to ensure checks do not slip through the cracks

Improved Visibility

Automatically notify your operators exactly what to do, at exactly the right time, and instantly share insights leading to incredible savings in employee onboarding and standardization.


Simply select a time period and Shoplogix Quality Management system will report all your process values, their specification limits, and your chronological machine states, all using simple data visualizations. Report on inspections after to uncover issues with product quality.

Automated Alerts

Get alerted the moment your processes fall out of specification. This leads to faster fixes, adjustments and less defective products continuing through the production process.

Create Thresholds

Easily track process variables in real-time. Simply configure your upper and lower specification limits, and any time they fall out of your defined thresholds–even for a split second–you will be immediately notified of the issue.

Connect to Machine States

Map process variables to your machine states giving you a holistic picture of exactly what affects your cost of quality.

Our Customers’ Results Speak For Themselves.

“The digital transformation of Shoplogix to the performance of the plant has been pretty remarkable. It’s allowed us to see the data that was never visible to us before. We can look at any machine, any operation throughout the facility on a per shift basis, daily, weekly, monthly which leads us to opportunities to improve our production.”
-Chris Gray, Plant Manager, IAC
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Decrease In downtime


Productivity Increase


Runtime Increase


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