See Your Entire

Job Schedule

in a Single View

Shoplogix real-time Job Scheduling module integrates with performance management data to optimize and minimize changeover time, reduce overtime hours maximizing customer service and satisfaction.

Increase Schedule Visibility

Improve visibility of resource time and schedules with intuitive visual dashboards of the jobs scheduled, pending jobs and filter options for job grouping and specific machines.

Improve Customer Satisfaction

Better understand the impact of schedule changes on delivery and production to avoid missed deadlines.

Save Resource

Minimize changeover times and decrease overtime optimizing labor efficiency.

See how Shoplogix Job Scheduling compares to manual scheduling management systems such as Excel Spreadsheets.

Stay up-to-date with real-time,
automated schedule changes

Automated reporting
Performance data integration
Easily share schedules
with front line workers before shifts

Fast shift change updates and adjustments
Minimize changeover time with
real-time feedback of every change you apply

Possiblity to reassign a job to a different machine, but only if it is compatible (same operation)

Meet Real-Time Customer Demands On-Time

Automatic Updates

Scheduling is updated in real-time from events occurring throughout the production lines.

Automated Alerts

Detect and create alerts for job overdue and over production (when a job runs past its expected production quantity).

View Jobs
Per Machine

An important feature of the Job Scheduling platform is the visual representation of the job queue for each machine. Schedule a single or multiple jobs for any individual machine.

Search Functionality

A search functionality is available to display jobs specific to a machine. For instance, to only list jobs associated with the machine named ‘CCU-T2’.

Management Integration

Make smarter scheduling decisions with real-time connection to the plant floor with complete performance management integration.


Easily unschedule jobs when unplanned events occur by selecting jobs in the queue by desired machine or groups of jobs. Once you have the machine or group of jobs you want unscheduled, select the ‘Unschedule’ icon.

Our Customers’ Results Speak For Themselves.

“The digital transformation of Shoplogix to the performance of the plant has been pretty remarkable. It’s allowed us to see the data that was never visible to us before. We can look at any machine, any operation throughout the facility on a per shift basis, daily, weekly, monthly which leads us to opportunities to improve our production.”
-Chris Gray, Plant Manager, IAC
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Decrease in Downtime


Productivity Increase


Runtime Increase


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