New Opportunities With Analytics Software

Analyze and report on your manufacturing operations in minutes, without the painful setup required from third-party BI tools. No more information overload. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and built out-of-the-box dashboards that focus on your key areas of focus: Production, Quality, Continuous Improvement, Variance, and Executive.

Avoid Expensive Analysis

Get all the capabilities that third-part analytics tools offer, including interactive dashboards and email scheduling with the added bonus of having it all configured and connected to your machines. Centralize OEE data and automatically refresh analytics dashboards without any additional formatting or data manipulation!

Uncover Hidden Production Issues

Take the guesswork out of identifying true problems with flexible, customizable data. Prioritize your continuous improvement efforts using any production data you want such as downtime reason by machine, shift, area, machine type, and countless other measures.

Review Operation Health

Out-of-the-box executive dashboards provide complete, holistic views of entire manufacturing operations. Gain instant access to performance and trends of all plants, regions without having a single department meeting.

See how Shoplogix Manufacturing Analytics Software

compares with third-party analytics tools.

CapabilityThird Party Analytics ToolsShoplogix Manufacturing Analytics Software
Ability to design interactive dashboards
Clean (formatted) data
Ability to email and share dashboards out of the box, without additional licenses or fees
Set-up time and configurationMonthsNo Setup Required
Pre-built production dashboard
Pre-built executive dashboard
Pre-built continuous improvement dashboard
Pre-built quality dashboard
Pre-built maintenance dashboard
Pre-built job variance dashboard

Analyze your manufacturing operations in minutes, without the painful setup required from third-party BI tools

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Out-of-the-Box Dashboards

Each dashboard is tailored around a specific scenario. Need to perform root cause analysis? Load up the Continuous Improvement dashboard. Curious about your weekly performance? Check the Production dashboard.

Multi-Plant Views

Historically, it’s been challenging to get a good handle on your multi-plant operations in one single view. But now, with our out-of-the-box Executive dashboard, it doesn’t matter how many plants you have or how many servers your data is using. In a single dashboard, you’ll be able to see your full production performance.

Advanced Security

You’ll never have to worry about a colleague accidentally “breaking something” again. Set each member of your team to be either a Designer (ability to edit or create new dashboards) or a Viewer (ability to view and interact with a dashboard without making unintentional changes).


Decrease in Downtown


Productivity Increase


Runtime Increase


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