The Foundation of the Smart
Factory Today, and into
the Future

Shoplogix Smart Factory platform provides true insights into production data that focuses on both people and performance to tap into improvement opportunities on the shop floor.

Improve Asset

Automatically monitor, report and analyze machine states and track real-time production. Take a proactive preventative maintenance approach to make decisions and reduce downtime.


Visualize data with dashboards to reveal trends and provide insight into opportunities to improve machine performance and process inefficiencies. Increase utilization and OEE to reduce costs and time to market.


Accelerate and sustain CI by measuring both adoption and operational improvements, and give early adopters positive feedback. Foster an environment of action and accountability in order to drive manufacturing excellence.

Empower your Operations for the i4.0 Technology Ecosystem

Real-time Machine Monitoring

Connect to ANY equipment or device on the plant floor through universal connectivity and exchange to collect real-time machine data. Track and monitor OEE and downtime performance and automate machine statuses.

Visualize and
Analyze Data

Uncover hidden capacity on machine and process performance such as run speeds and uptime through IIoT data-driven insights. Resolve and prevent future bottlenecks and machine stoppages.

Drive Actions

Create smart action plans for process improvement and communicate with teams through automated messaging and notifications sent to the right person at the right time. Assign tasks to individuals to drive accountability and CI culture.

Scalable Solution

Implement Smart Factory features enterprise-wide across multiple plants with ease to unlock even greater ROI.

Database Integration

Easily connect with ERP, MES, or other manufacturing systems for bidirectional information exchange.

Engage Employees

TV dashboards keep employees on track and aligned with production goals as well as individual task progress.

Our Customers’ Results Speak For Themselves.

“We bring a lot of customers into our warehouses where they can see what we are trying to accomplish through the displayed Shoplogix dashboards. They can also see the importance we put into the quality of our products and how we measure our day to day operations, giving us an advantage over our competitors.”
-Gregory Schroeder, Director of Operations, Samuel


Productivity Increase


Decrease in Downtime


Average OEE Improvement


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