Enhance consumer
experience with reliable,
on-time production

Shoplogix smart factory software helps CPG manufacturers manage challenges of changing consumer demand, heightened competition and production line optimization.


Automate data collection and real-time reporting to gain accurate insights on preventative maintenance, unplanned downtime, and OEE information, to reduce scrap and improve machine reliability.


Adopt “lean philosophies” by staying ahead of preventative maintenance and energy tracking to cut out scrap/waste produced by poorly run machines.

Meet Consumer

Optimize capacity to keep up with changes in demand by tracking top losses by the hour, MTBF, MTTF to make smart decisions on the amount of achievable output or capacity for a given timeframe.

Drive efficiencies in production and lower
scrap through real-time visibility

Quality Control with Batch Tracking

Create a list of quality inspections and determine when they need to be completed (during/ before/after a shift). Leverage batch tracking to monitor raw goods and materials end-to-end from receiving to end product.

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Lower Product Lifecycle Costs

Minimize start-up scrap and losses due to machine failure, maintenance activities and lack material management in operations. Identify bottlenecks and resolve issues faster by facilitating information sharing across teams.

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Reduce Energy and scrap

Shoplogix energy module offers the ability to associate power and energy costs with plant floor production metrics, providing visibility into consumption at a granular level and helping to decrease energy costs.

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Reduce stock-outs and line starvation

Set up automated alerts to Material Handlers on the shop floor when components are close to empty. Automatically sort plant-floor component requirements by priority, aiding Material Pickers to make better decisions on what to replenish first.

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Optimize Labor Scheduling

Connect ERP and Job Expectations to Shoplogix labor tracking software to track direct labor rate variances per machine and per product. Uncover opportunities to improve your processes, and gain a better understanding of where your plant floor struggles to achieve production goals.

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Visibility of KPIs

Gain accurate insights on process change impact to KPIs across regions/plants facilitating a continuous improvement culture.

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Decrease In Downtime


Increase in Productivity


Decrease In Set Up Time


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