Identify and prioritize critical production issues and maximize data visibility across operations

Shoplogix smart factory software helps Industrial Packaging manufacturers to manage performance across plants by area, machine, and shift to minimize scrap and waste, improve quality and meet KPI targets.


Universal connectivity to machines makes it possible to save costs by producing more with the same resources.

Achieve Manufacturing

Track and monitor performance to progress towards gold-standard of operations for OEE, OLE, and OTIF.


Meet the demands of growing eco-conscious customers by reducing waste and energy.

Measure performance to drive toward
world-class standards of operations and
cater to a conscious-driven consumer


Job summary reports indicate which jobs are exceeding their expected value to help meet OTIF (on time in full) delivery to customers. The job OEE machine table report helps identify issues with performance, availability, quality, and capacity.

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Set up automated alerts to Material Handlers on the shop floor when components are close to empty. Automatically sort plant-floor component requirements by priority, aiding Material Pickers to make faster decisions on what to replenish first.

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ERP and Job
Expectations Integration

Connect ERP and Job Expectations to Shoplogix labor tracking software to track direct labor rate and job variances per machine and per product. Bidirectional communication of data allows real-time updates to ERP on Actual Labor Utilization.

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Start-up Scrap

Increase setup speeds and reduce scrap during machine startup without compromising quality. Drive eco-conscious production to meet changing customer requirements.

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Labor Scheduling

Improve visibility of resource time with intuitive visual dashboards to avoid over or under scheduling. Uncover opportunities to improve your processes, and gain a better understanding of where your plant floor struggles to achieve production goals.

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Your BOM

Connect your BOM to the Shoplogix materials management system to display real-time component inventories and time-to-empty. This allows smarter decisions to be made on when and what components to deliver to the line.

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Imrovement In OEE


Increase In Run Speed


Decrease In Av. Setup Waste/job


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Business Value and Justification
With any new software investment, it is important to determine ROI to establish company buy-in. The reduction of labor dollars and quick payback were the main drivers for Mauser to justify an investment in the system.
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