Drive collaboration and eliminate late deliveries

Today’s manufacturing Operations Managers understand the value of reliable production data and connectivity to improve the bottom line. Shoplogix ties people, processes, assets and data to enable a proactive and agile approach to improve output.

I need better

Access accurate data in real-time from any machine with simple universal machine connectivity and eliminate the need for multiple data points.

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I need to move from reactive to proactive processes

Utilize machine data to make smart decisions on preventative maintenance to reduce unplanned downtime and improve MTBF.

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I need to improve labor management
and empower front-line workers

Improve labor scheduling and efficiency with increased visibility into shift-to-shift challenges and tasks. Amplify collaboration capacity to decrease response time.

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I need to justify costs
and establish fast ROI

Drive expedient return on investment with quick technology deployments. Short implementations facilitate cost-saving opportunities on scrap, energy, waste, maintenance and more.

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I need to increase adoption of
process changes and technology

Encourage employee engagement and adoption with an easy, intuitive, and visual user interface. Track and monitor adoption to gain insights on productivity to morale boost across operations.

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Aberdeen Research Group calculates that the average cost per hour of downtime across all
manufacturing types equates to $260,000. How are you mitigating this risk?

Shoplogix IIoT smart factory solutions
are trusted by manufacturing operations
across many different industries.
Our robust, easy-to-use cloud software
with remote access, provides the data you need,
anytime, anywhere.


Maximize capacity with a central, real-time IIoT data platform that connects people, processes, data, and assets.

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Packaged Goods

Manage challenges of changing consumer demand, heightened competition and production line

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and Beverage

Reduce Yield, Improve Quality, and Adapt to Market Changes.

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Meet the demands of growing eco-conscious customers by reducing waste and energy.

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Connect, streamline and automate steel fabrication and manufacturing processes to reduce coil and material yield, save on energy.

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Data transactions / day


Connected Machines


OEE Improvement


Enterprise Deployments


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Run Lean with Shoplogix
After adopting lean processes and procedures through Shoplogix implementation, leading metals and industrials products manufacturer, Samuel, Son & co., gained improvements in line performance with an 85% torch uptime and $216,000 uplift in new revenue.
Putting People First in Today’s Smart Factories
Learn how to connect people to your IIoT smart factory platform to compete in an ever-changing manufacturing landscape and mitigate the risks of industry labor shortages.
i4.0 Manufacturing Metrics
Are you still avoiding the influx of complex machine data and not sure which metrics to track? Learn key manufacturing shop floor metrics and learn how to marry the right metrics with “SMART” goals.
Improved Production Visibility
MAGNA Modatek Systems shares how the implementation of Shoplogix has improved production visibility through real-time machine data helped to understand process bottlenecks and enabled monitoring of OEE as well as continuous improvement initiatives.

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