5 Lean Manufacturing Metrics in i4.0

One of the most critical components of i4.0 is the integration and utilization of robust data analytics to optimize operational processes. However, many manufacturers are finding it difficult to navigate through the sea of cluttered and overwhelming amounts of information birthed by i4.0 technology to leverage data in a strategic manner to drive SMART goals and KPIs.

To help manufacturers turn data into meaningful insights, our smart factory experts have compiled the five most important lean manufacturing metrics to consider for success when implementing smart factory technology — see the infographic to learn more about adoption, accountability, performance, OEE loss by role, and OEE vs OEEc.

Be sure to share the infographic with your teams and across your social platforms. Also, listen to our “Ask the Experts: Lean Manufacturing Metrics in i4.0 Era” webinar to learn more about:

  • How to conquer complex information and utilize 5 key metrics to make faster and smarter decisions to drive sustainable growth.
  • Data pitfalls that threaten successful manufacturing digital transformation efforts and how to break down data silos.
  • Exclusive insight into best practices of some of the world’s most advanced smart factory manufacturers.

About Shoplogix

Shoplogix is re-defining the manufacturing industry by making the Smart Factory platform the cornerstone of digital production performance transformation. By empowering manufacturers to visualize, integrate, and act on production performance in real-time, Shoplogix helps to uncover hidden shop floor potential and drive rapid time to value.

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