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Make data-driven decisions. Shoplogix’s connectivity to real-time data and live insights empowers you to take action on your shop floor.

Enable Your Operational Excellence Journey

Enable Your Operational Excellence Journey

Improve, engage and optimize your shop floor. Our suite of solutions use real-time operational performance data that seamlessly integrates with your manufacturing processes.

Drive Change and Deliver Real Impact

Shoplogix is dedicated to redefining the manufacturing industry through our latest innovations. Browse through our case studies by industry and machine to see the real impact of our solutions on the shop floor.

A Leading European Flexible Packaging Manufacturer

Challenge: A total of 17 job changes per day on five printing presses led to underperformance and missed production targets.

Machine Types Monitored:


increase in run speed while maximizing throughout per available hour


increase in sales revenue per year

A Global Automotive Components Manufacturer

Challenge: Manual data collection for 10 machines every hour led to poor production rations, high overtime hours, 24 hours of missed solution opportunities and the low employee engagement.

Machine Types Monitored:


reduction in cycle time 


in labor savings per year

A Multinational Food Manufacturer

Challenge: Operational bottlenecks led to slow-running lines, high changeover times, net losses of 8.3 hours of production time per week and a net loss of $1.1 million.

Machine Types Monitored:


decreased waste production


annual savings

Win With Shoplogix

Drive success on your shop floor with Shoplogix’s efficiency metrics, informed decision-making capabilities and continuous improvement opportunities.

Universal Connectivity

Connect to any old and new machines with minimal investment and upgrades to current infrastructure.


Collect, calculate and analyze key efficiency metrics across the organization with one signal.

Quick Deployments

Fully deploy in weeks and collect data in days using configurable preset templates based on client best practices.

Sustainable and Scalable

Gather and deploy standardized production and efficiency data with a platform that can be scaled and sustained enterprise-wide.

Manufacturing Analytics

Leverage purpose-built analytics tailored for manufacturers and tuned for big data analytics and insights.

Client Success

Leverage over 20 years of experience
from a team that’s trusted by manufacturers
in over 40 countries worldwide.

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