Professional Services

Shoplogix’s offering of professional services, which include our rapid deployment and advisory services, are tailored to you. Through these services, our specialists assist you in optimizing your manufacturing floor.

Rapid Deployment Services

Our deployment services are an integral part of our software package. These services include the installation and configuration of the software, in addition to the necessary training that comes with it.

Key Benefits

Smooth installation ensures rapid path to ROI

Provides in-depth expertise on software functionality

Improves team productivity through specialized training

Advisory Services

Our advisory services packages are a new and optional addition to our offerings. These packages can be either included with our deployment services or purchased separately by existing customers. Please note that these packages are only available to customers who have already purchased our software.

Key Benefits

Optimizes software with expert recommendations

Customizes advisory services to fit unique needs

Maximizes effectiveness of deployment services

Advisory Services Overview

Our professional service package options for rapid deployment and advisory services include Advanced Connectivity Services, the 365-Day Management System Deployment/Coaching Plan, 365-Day Capability/Advisory Services and the Health Check service.

Advanced Connectivity Services

Our team of IoT specialists are equipped to handle even the most intricate equipment configurations, providing unparalleled expertise in architecting your plant’s IoT landscape.

365-Day Management System Deployment/Coaching Plan

Our CI experts offer ongoing mentoring and coaching to help you integrate our software seamlessly into your manufacturing operations. We impart best practices to ensure you can effectively utilize our key data outputs and leverage them for maximum impact in your regular operational reviews.

365-Day Capability/Advisory Services

Our experts monitor your plant equipment data, quickly flagging any anomalies that may arise. We work collaboratively with you to identify and study trends to prioritize, track and report on the highest-impact areas for process improvements.

Health Check

Our CI experts facilitate data-driven workshops that incorporate industry expertise and CI best practices to enhance the value of Shoplogix for your business. These workshops are designed to help you identify areas for improvement, prioritize your CI initiatives and achieve sustainable performance gains.

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