How Smart Factory Technologies Shape the 2023 Manufacturing Industry

In the manufacturing industry, the concept of the “smart factory” is gaining traction as a means to increase efficiency and competitiveness. A smart factory leverages advanced technologies, such as automation, artificial intelligence (AI), the Internet of Things (IoT), machine learning (ML) and more to gather data and optimize production processes. Read on for how modern […]

Winning the war for talent with a smart factory approach

The “war for talent”t is raging. Manufacturers are facing a massive labor shortage as they struggle to recruit and retain skilled workers following the pandemic. Despite increasing demand for products, many manufacturers have been forced to reduce production. However, not all companies are shrinking in the face of this challenge. These manufacturers are thriving thanks […]

How smart factory technologies drive results and best practices on the shop floor

In one of our previous posts, we guided you on how to turn a vision into actionable goals through digital transformation. Some of the steps toward this transformation focused on defining why digitization matters to your operations in the first place, figuring out your business’ current level of digital maturity and mapping out digital transformation […]

How to find the right vendor for your new manufacturing technologies

Finding the right vendor for your new manufacturing technologies can take a significant amount of time. This addition of unnecessary time can not only lead to revenue losses, but also the decrease of throughput, productivity and overall equipment effectiveness (OEE) across your entire plant.  Meanwhile, plant floors that opt to build in-house software can be […]

How to define your digital transformation vision and turn it into actionable goals

The rate at which digital transformation occurs in the modern world is accelerating, and businesses must be able to define their vision before turning them into actionable goals. The future state of manufacturing plants, in particular, hinges on long-term strategies that can benefit from smart factory software.  When deployed correctly, this type of software can […]

Metrics for Success: Adoption, Accountability and Performance

Successful digital transformation does not simply happen overnight. That’s why business leaders must zero in on the metrics around adoption, accountability and performance. An effective way to achieve this is to keep these metrics straightforward with minimal ambiguity. In this post, we will go over how each of these metrics can affect the success of […]

Digital Transformation Through the Four Pillars of a Smart Factory

Plant floor operator looking at Shoplogix Digital Whiteboard on tablet surrounded by manufacturing machines

What makes a Smart Factory? Digital transformation is changing the way manufacturing businesses operate and how they measure success. While plant floors no longer have to base performance metrics on the manual collection of data, employees can focus on task completion and productivity thanks to real-time data and true insights. The goal of overcoming obstacles […]

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