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Oakville, ON – January 06, 2016 – Shoplogix, the leading provider of real-time production visualization software, is proud to announce that Quality Metalcraft (QMC) has selected the Shoplogix solution for their four plants across Michigan, USA.  QMC will use Shoplogix to identify hidden production losses and to create a sustainable improvement plan.

“Within a few hours we were connected to three machines on the plant floor analyzing live data that accurately represented QMC’s production for the day”, said Nick Marchiolli, VP of Sales, Shoplogix.  “There is absolutely nothing that speaks to the power of the Shoplogix solution more than being able to quickly connect to machines, generate real-time visual reports utilizing the customer’s live data and presenting the hidden opportunities that were not previously visible.”

Quality Metalcraft is a go-to source for the world’s major manufacturers for quick, quality solutions for high-profile programs in the automotive, aviation and defense industries. QMC is committed to finding the safest, most cost-effective manufacturing routes without sacrificing quality craftsmanship.

“Our relationship with QMC started as a referral by a new customer, this is one of the highest honours we experience,” said Martin Ambrose, President & CEO. “Having our customers refer Shoplogix to their contemporaries means we are doing something really right.  Our customers fuel innovation in the development of our software and have become true advocates for our business.”

About Quality Metalcraft (QMC)

Founded in 1964, Quality Metalcraft (QMC) is a premium, niche provider of highly engineered, metal formed assemblies serving a wide range of transportation industries, including automotive, aerospace and defense, heavy trucking and construction equipment. The company specializes in advanced prototyping; in-house tooling, low-to-medium volume production, and factory assist services. Based in Livonia, Michigan, QMC is a highly technical organization with an adaptable, flexible manufacturing footprint.

About Shoplogix

Since 2002, Shoplogix has been a leading provider of real-time performance management solutions for manufacturers across the globe.  Their end-to-end solution provides a real-time visual analysis of production to highlight value-based opportunities related to machine and process inefficiencies.

Designed to accelerate and sustain continuous improvements, the Shoplogix solution helps manufacturers reduce operational costs, increase profitability and drive efficiencies in production.  Shoplogix PE, the cloud-based solution, is focused on the needs of discrete manufacturers across the world in industries including automotive, consumer packaged goods, food & beverage, industrial packaging and steel services.  If you would like to learn more about the Shoplogix enterprise-ready performance management solution, visit: www.shoplogix.com

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