[WEBINAR] Lean Manufacturing Metrics in the I4.0 Era

Here at Shoplogix, we speak with many manufacturers on a daily basis seeking advice from our smart factory experts on how to optimize their shopfloor processes. Due to this overwhelming demand, we’ve developed an “Ask the Experts” series to offer businesses an opportunity to learn from our industry veterans through live events that focus on presenting solutions and strategies to identifiable problems, emerging technologies and key topics that are relevant to today’s manufacturing professionals.

Whether it’s sharing data from a recent study, highlighting actionable insights, or answering your questions, our smart manufacturing experts will provide you with advice and guidance you need to optimize your manufacturing processes to achieve fast and sustainable growth.

Register below and claim your seat* for our 45-minute lean manufacturing metrics live webinar and learn how to take the mess out of your data! This session will feature:

Shoplogix Webinar Speakers Manny Bonilla and Nick Marchioli: Lean Manufacturing Metrics in the Industry 4.0 Era

Nick and Manny will be sharing insight on:

  • How to conquer complex information and identify 5 key metrics to make faster and smarter decisions to drive sustainable growth.
  • Data pitfalls that threaten successful manufacturing digital transformation efforts and how to break down data silos.
  • Exclusive insight into best practices of some of the world’s most advanced smart factory manufacturers.

Plus, have your questions answered live during the 15-minute Q&A at the end of the session!

*Limited seats available

Lean Manufacturing Metrics in the Industry 4.0 Era

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