How smart factory technologies drive results and best practices on the shop floor

In one of our previous posts, we guided you on how to turn a vision into actionable goals through digital transformation. Some of the steps toward this transformation focused on defining why digitization matters to your operations in the first place, figuring out your business’ current level of digital maturity and mapping out digital transformation […]

Shoplogix Champions Collaboration, Speed and Efficiency Within the Manufacturing Industry

In a world of supply chain issues and labor shortages, Shoplogix products are proven solutions. They innovate smart solutions that enable manufacturers to optimize their machines and shop floors. This is accomplished through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics. Fostering collaborative cross-functionality and tangible results Shoplogix is a proud Canadian company from […]

How Does One Lead a Successful Kaizen Event?

WATCH THE INTERVIEW Continuous Improvement culture is slowly prevailing across the North American manufacturing sector and many companies are at the brink of launching their first Kaizen event – an action (e.g. a workshop, project, or session) that’s output is intended to result in incremental or rapid improvement of an existing process or area. Martin […]

Building a Smart Manufacturing Platform: Q&A Session with Magnus Sandberg

Entrepreneurial operator and investor Magnus Sandberg serves as Shoplogix and Group CEO of the Smart Manufacturing Software portfolio of companies under Constellation Software, Canada’s leading diversified software company. In an interview with The Vertical Software Podcast, Magnus shines light on his journey through navigating the manufacturing world, his vision for the Smart Manufacturing portfolio, and his future […]

FACTON Acquired by Shoplogix & FOG Software Group

FOG Software Group further expands its growing portfolio of software solutions for smart manufacturing, led by Shoplogix, through its acquisition of FACTON. Potsdam, Germany – January 12th, 2021 ‒ FOG Software Group (“FOG”), an operating group of Vela Software and Constellation Software Inc. [TSX:CSU], is pleased to announce it has acquired FACTON. FACTON is a global […]

Smart Manufacturing: 5 Technology Predictions for 2021

Manufacturers worldwide are heaving a collective sigh of relief at the thought of putting 2020 far behind them. Economic challenges caused by the pandemic and its impact on operations have pushed the industry to rethink processes and accelerate digital transformation. Now that a brighter 2021 is on the horizon, industry leaders are shifting gears once […]

Shoplogix Manufacturing Analytics Software is Now Available!

We are excited to announce the launch of the much-anticipated Shoplogix Manufacturing Analytics Software! Provided as part of our IIoT Smart Factory Platform, this new functionality provides all the capabilities that third-party analytics tools offer, without any setup required. More than just an analytics platform, the intuitive visual interface paired with interactive dashboards transforms data, providing […]

4 Ways To Maximize Manufacturing Throughput With Smart Factory Software

We all know time is money when it comes to business. This especially holds true in manufacturing environments. The time to get products to customers, delays in production, downtime, and uptime…every second of a manufacturing operation can be translated into a dollar amount. In this blog post, we’ll be discussing one of the simplest yet […]

Can Lean Manufacturing and the Smart Factory Co-Exist in 2020?

Lean manufacturing production has proven to be a valuable methodology to improve productivity while reducing waste and product costs. However, with rapid advancements in i4.0 technologies, many manufacturers dismiss or abandon lean principles in hopes of improving production processes through new technology adoption alone. Are these manufacturers leaving hundreds of thousands of dollars on the […]

Dispelling 5 Common Myths of Industrial IoT Smart Factory Software

The manufacturing industry now stands as one of the most notable examples of the power of innovation and industrial breakthroughs. With the continuous advancements in IIoT technology, factories are in a constant change unlocking endless smart factory possibilities with the integration of technology to connect production, people, real-time data, processes, supply chain, and most importantly customer experience. […]