SOFTWARE UPDATE – May 9th, 2018

Shoplogix is always making improvements to enhance the performance of your real-time reporting. Please be advised the software update this week include:

LANGUAGE SUPPORT – Emailed Reports

Email reports in the language of your choice.

UNITS DISPLAY – Whiteboard

  • Customize the production units displayed in the Whiteboard
  • Click on the MENU tab in the Whiteboard
  • Choose ,‘Display’ & select ‘Units’ ; Click in the units field to select the units you want to display
  • Save

Don’t see the correct units?  Please submit a Case to Shoplogix Support asking for them to help you make the changes required.
Don’t want to see the units?  Shoplogix Support can help you with this as well, please submit a Case asking them to turn it off!

SOFTWARE UPDATE – February 26th, 2018

ZOOM – Area Chrono
Click on the timeline to zoom in to any production event in the Area Chronological reports

Group a series of microstops together to quickly apply reason codes for downtimes or slow running events

FAST EDIT – Area Chrono
Speed up image rendering for low resolution computers with minimal power.  Available in all Area Chronological reports

SOFTWARE UPDATE – February 19th, 2018

Broadcast Messaging Module

  • Real-time broadcast of OPC Data from PLCs.  Ex. Humidity & Temperature
  • Broadcast alerts & notifications – Go beyond text & email to broadcast alerts & notifications to the TV screen on your plant floor Ex. Shift scrap % has exceeded 5%

Meeting Dashboard (Daily Production 24hr)

The Meeting Dashboard is a single view of your key production metrics; ideal for your daily production meetings. Although this view defaults to the last 24 hours, its completely configurable to the timeframe you set.  Recent enhancements include:

  1. Shift OEE Comparison –  Compare OEE for day, afternoon and evening shifts.
  2. Trend lines and gauge control – Select which metrics to display like Goal, Cycle time or Scrap, and click on any gauge to generate a trend line.
  3. Top downtime loss pareto.
  4. Total scrap count and top scrap reasons.
  5. View operator comments on the timeline.

Gauge control and Trendlines.  Click any of the gauges to view trend lines for Goal, Cycle time or Scrap.

Downtime Entry Screens

From a Machine or Area view, downtime entry is easier than ever.  This enhancement features:

  • A more graphic layout – makes downtimes reasons easier to see and select
  • Enhanced search – Easier to search within downtime groups
  • Downtime splitting – Split one idle period into several and assign different reasons to make downtime reporting more accurate.

SOFTWARE UPDATE – December 7th, 2017

New enhancements in the update this week:


  • Switch Cycle time units in the Shift Hour (Machine Shift Summary) view.  Go to settings.
    • PPM (Parts Per Minute)
    • PPH (Parts Per Hour)
    • SPM (Strokes Per Minute)
    • SPH (Strokes Per Hour)
    • Cycle (Seconds)
  • Go to ‘Display’ in the settings menu to  hide and unhide options on your TV Dashboard:  Production & Machine Chronological
  • Display Production Remaining & Actual Production in the job bar

See the status of your jobs in the summary views: Shift Hour (Machine Shift Summary), Shift Rollup (Area Shift Summary)

  • Green – Completed jobs
  • Blue – Current job
  • Orange – Over Production of the current job

Pulled jobs will re-order to the top of the new jobs list instead of the bottom

Job Status Colours – Machine Shift Summary

Switch Cycle Time – TV Dashboard View

Hide/Unhide Chronological and Production – TV Dashboard

Expected and Actual Production – TV Dashboard Job Bar

Turn OFF/ON – Expected and Actual Production – TV Dashboard

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SOFTWARE UPDATE – November 17, 2017


Focus on the information that is important to you, customize your view. Hide or show machine status and/or production chronological.

In addition, display information in the job toolbar based on your set filters. e.g Package size, material type, colour and many others.

Go to the configuration menu to adjust your settings.




SOFTWARE UPDATE – November 1, 2017


Understand the performance of your machine for the last 24 hours and display the metrics that are most important to you.  Currently available in the Plant Layout view.

  1. In the Navigation menu, click on the Plant layout view icon 
  2. In the Plant Layout View select any machine to see the performance of your machine for the last 24 hours
  3. To customize your 24 hour view, select the period detail menu.  Choose the gauges you want to hide or display – OEE, Uptime, Scrap and Cycle Time.


SOFTWARE UPDATE – September 28th, 2017

Welcome to lockView!

Shoplogix is pleased to release lockView, the new option to lock down the operator screen for plant floor use.

We take productivity seriously and are helping to ensure that computers in use on the plant floor are used exclusively for that purpose. lockView gives IT and management the option to lock down the operator screen to only the current shift and the areas you want accessible within Shoplogix.

From the Machine Chronological screen, you need only to add a couple of options to the END of URL.  There are three main options to allow access to certain pages, and 1 sub-option to set a custom duration.

lockView=1 – Access to only the Machine Chronological screen in the current shift *MUST BE TYPED AS SHOWN AT THE END OF THE URL – lockView=1

lockView=2 – Access to the Machine Chronological and the Machine Shift Summary. *MUST BE TYPED AS SHOWN AT THE END OF THE URL – lockView=2

lockView=3 – Access to the Machine Chronological, the Machine Shift Summary and Area Shift Summary. *MUST BE TYPED AS SHOWN AT THE END OF THE URL – lockView=3

Additionally, there is an option to only show a certain window of time on the chronological screen

This is enabled by putting in the number of minutes you wish to view following the argument. For example, if you wish to see the last 2 hours, the argument would be lockView=1,120

Once this view has been enabled, the operator can move backwards and forwards within that shift by the set duration (2 hours)

There will also be a new icon on the screen, a double arrow, that will allow you fast forward to the current time.

Enhancements and New Functionality

1 – Whiteboard will now save all settings even as you navigate from view to view (won’t lose them if you navigate back to tree view). Settings will be saved until you clear your cookies.

2 – Portrait mode for TV Dashboard mode – Automatically configures when using dashboard mode. The whiteboard will automatically change orientation based on the screens orientation.3 – New dark theme option for whiteboard, only available in dashboard mode. To get to dashboard view, replace /shifthours/ with /dashboard/. From the dashboard view, click the menu to find the option to turn on the dark theme.

SOFTWARE UPDATE – September 14th, 2017

Current VS. Previous Shift

Please be advised the software update this week includes an update to the TV Dashboard view. You can now view the job information for the machine as well as a daily shift comparison.

This new feature is available by going to the Machine Shift Summary (hourly View) and replacing “shifthours” with “dashboard whiteboard/#/shifthours/
becomes whiteboard/#/dashboard/

SOFTWARE UPDATE – July 24th, 2017

MTBF and MTTR – Flash Report

Mean Time Before Failure and Mean Time To Repair are two important KPI’s in plant maintenance and represent a statistical average.

Mean Time Before Failure = Total up time / number of breakdowns

Mean Time To Repair = Total down time / number of breakdowns.

Mean Time Before Failure is the average time elapsed from one failure to the next.  Usually, people think of it as the average time that something works until it fails and needs to be repaired again.

DID YOU KNOW? – May 31st, 2017


From the Machine Chronological view (click into a machine hour), a user can define a downtime reason as it changes – on the fly.

By selecting the flashing status icon at the right of the screen, the user has the ability to change to a new downtime reason the moment it happens.

For example, if a machine goes down, the operator can select “Waiting on Maintenance” to the current idle period; when maintenance shows up, they can select the next appropriate downtime for the repair, thereby keeping track of how long they waited and any subsequent changes i.e if it was not a maintenance issue but a tooling issue.

Software Update (V5.0.0.399) – May 1st, 2017

Scroll Options (Uptime) – Plant Layout

Please be advised this weeks software update includes the option for uptime to be available in the Plant Layout view.

In addition to scrolling under the machine, we have also added a menu option (top right corner) which allow you to decide which information will scroll under the chart.

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Software Update (V5.0.0.366) – April 24th, 2017

OEE/Uptime Metric View

This new feature allows you to select either OEE or Uptime as the metric on your whiteboard. Looking at the Goal Gauge, the clickable option now is either OEE or Uptime.

Software Update (V5.0.0.217) – March 30th, 2017

Scrap Reason Entry Sorting

Corrected issue with scrap reason ordering when scrap groups are configured. The scrap reason will now sort alphabetically when scrap groups are enabled. If you continue to have issues with scrap group ordering please log a case in your CEx account.

Software Update (V5.0.0.142) – March 13th, 2017

Scrap Comment Entry

Corrected issue with comments relating to scrap entry not logging properly. Scrap entry comments now function as intended including exporting to CSV. If you continue to have issues with scrap comments please log a case in your CEx account.

Software Update (V5.0.0.126) – March 7th, 2017

PLC Production Counts
Corrected PLC error condition handling that may have resulted in misleading production counts.  Some PLC’s have been discovered to pass a null value to our software causing a report to become inaccurate and require manual adjustments.

Idle Occurrences
In the Flash reports, Idle occurrences in the table view has been corrected in the Machine Status Summary Rollup & Downtime Pareto Rollup.

Software Update (V5.0.0.64) – Feb 22nd, 2017

Plant Layout View – Now with added color coded information

This software update offers a visual summary of a shift in the Plant Layout View.  At-a-glance, you can quickly identify if your equipment is running or idle, if you’re on track to hit your targets and summarizes your efficiency based on actual versus target production.

Software Update (V5.0.0.16) – Feb 14th, 2017

Chronological View – Production Units (bugfix)

This bug fix includes the ability to change the units of measure in the Machine/Production Chronological view. Note that each unit of measure is specific to the unique need of our customers and units can be adjusted upon request.

In the Period Detail Menu, choose from:

  • Base (usually parts/pieces) – Default setting
  • Inventory (usually weight or volume)
  • Finished goods (usually cases, boxes or packages)
  • Line (usually Kilograms):  Line units are used as a common denominator (select a single unit of measure) when machines on a production line have different units of measure.

Note: If units of measure options have already been configured, simply select your units in the Period of Detail menu.

If units of measure need to be configured, please log a request in CEx and reference update V5.0.0.16. You will need to provide your solution manager with the Cycle Factors to convert Base (default) units to other units of measure.  Cycle factors are often found within your job record or ERP.

Software Update (V1309-10) – Jan 30th, 2017

Shift-based Alerts & Escalations

This added functionality expands your options to select specific shift(s) that will receive an alert or escalation (ex. Morning, Afternoon Night). Previous to this update, alerts & escalations could only be configured for ALL shifts.

To add this functionality to your configuration, enter a support case in Shoplogix CEx referencing Software Update (V1309-10)

Software Update (V1039) – Jan 23rd, 2017

Please be advised that Shoplogix will be conducting a software update that will improve the performance of your real-time reporting. This update will: (1) make Job reporting more intuitive (2) simplify reporting in the Plant Layout View. This weeks release also includes several infrastructure updates that will improve software communication, speed and usability.

The colour of jobs shown in Shoplogix PE (Whiteboard) will be changed to present a more unified and clearer definition across platforms. This affects the hourly view only.

  • Completed jobs – Green
  • Waiting jobs – Grey
  • Current job – Blue
  • Job exceeded production – Orange

Plant Layout View
Whiteboard will be simplified to show the current state of a machine in the center, progress of the shift in the outer bar.

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