Introduction to the Shoplogix Analytics Suite

With its powerful capabilities for reporting and visualizing enterprise-level data, the Analytics Suite empowers manufacturing businesses to make informed decisions, optimize performance and unlock new improvement opportunities. In this post, we will explore the key offerings of our Analytics Suite, which include the Advanced Analytics and Manufacturing Intelligence solutions. Read on for details.

How the Advanced Analytics solution works

A key component of the Analytics Suite is the Advanced Analytics offering, which leverages advanced artificial intelligence (AI) capabilities to unlock performance opportunities.

This solution analyzes complex patterns to provide valuable insights and predictions, enabling users at all levels of a manufacturing plant to confidently make data-driven decisions. The Advanced Analytics solution also has the ability to discover correlations between different sets of data, allowing users to identify hidden data relationships and gain a deeper understanding of their operations.

Additionally, the Advanced Analytics offering includes interactive features that make dashboard designs simple. This allows users to go beyond descriptive analysis to diagnostic analysis.

How Manufacturing Intelligence leverages data

Another key part of the Analytics Suite is Manufacturing Intelligence. Not only does this solution inject additional sources of data into the Smart Factory Suite, but it expands the scope of insights and improvement opportunities by including all the premium features in the Advanced Analytics offering.

By correlating both external and internal data sources, Manufacturing Intelligence ensures that valuable information is not trapped in isolated systems. This mitigation of point solution data silos means a more comprehensive view of a manufacturing plant’s operations. The results entail valuable insights that may have otherwise been hidden.

It’s through these capabilities that Manufacturing Intelligence can assist key decision makers. It equips them with the information required to drive strategic initiatives that would ultimately improve the bottom line.

Enabling the Analytics Suite

Both Advanced Analytics and Manufacturing Intelligence helps users drive insights, optimize performance and unlock hidden opportunities. While the Advanced Analytics solution utilizes advanced AI capabilities to provide better insights, discover correlations and predict future trends, Manufacturing Intelligence correlates external and internal data sources, eliminates data silos and supports key decision makers.

Together, these offerings equip manufacturing plants with the tools required to leverage continuous improvement opportunities and optimize overall plant performance. To learn more and enable the Analytics Suite for your shop floor, request a demo with our team.

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