Key benefits of a modern smart factory

Is your manufacturing floor equipped as a highly-automated and data-driven facility that leverages advanced technologies to optimize production processes and improve efficiencies? Here are some key benefits of a “smart factory” and examples of our technological innovations that can help achieve your manufacturing goals.

Increased efficiencies and minimized production loss

Automation, robotics and machine learning (ML) can assist in optimizing production processes, resulting in reduced downtimes and increased output. For instance, automated guided vehicles (AGVs) can move materials and products around a shop floor more quickly compared to manual labor. Meanwhile, algorithms can predict if any equipment is likely to fail and schedule maintenance requests accordingly.

Another example pertains to the Smart Factory Suite, as it can identify machine downtimes using historical data on root causes. Shoplogix lets users easily view losses occurring on the manufacturing floor. Understanding which materials are causing losses means reductions in throughput disruption and material waste.

Improved quality and fewer defects

Technologies such as sensor networks and artificial intelligence (AI) can monitor production processes and identify defects in real time, allowing users to quickly call for corrective action. Additionally, sensors that are embedded in machines can detect changes in temperature that may indicate an issue. Meanwhile, computer vision systems can inspect products quickly for any defects.

Enhanced data analysis and better decision making

Data analytics, the Internet of things (IoT) devices and cloud computing can collect and analyze significant amounts of data from a manufacturing floor’s production processes. In turn, this can help users make data-driven decisions. IoT devices, for example, can gather data from different sources such as sensors and machines before sending that data to the cloud for storage and analysis. Analytical capabilities can then identify patterns and key insights.

Shoplogix’s Analytics Suite features two offerings that assist in better data analysis and decision making. The Advanced Analytics solution drills into relevant data to conduct root cause analyses, unlocking further performance opportunities. It uses historical data to identify trends and potential relationships. Meanwhile, the Manufacturing Intelligence solution injects additional sources of data into the Shoplogix data. It identifies correlations between additional data sources and Shoplogix core data to bring about improvement opportunities.

A smart factory is not just the sum of its technologies, however. It requires a culture of continuous improvement that can fully leverage the plethora of insights and opportunities made readily available through automation, AI, ML, IoT devices and more. That’s where Shoplogix’s dedicated team of experts comes in to align our solutions with your manufacturing goals. 

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