Shoplogix Leadership Spotlight: Manny Bonilla

Manny Bonilla, VP Product Strategy Shoplogix

With a focus on building modern products that shape the manufacturing industry, Shoplogix is dedicated to maintaining its position as an industry leader and innovator. By leveraging the power of data, Shoplogix optimizes performance and efficiency for customers, ensuring every idea adds value to their operations. Manny Bonilla’s role as the Vice President of Product Strategy at Shoplogix involves driving the product and company vision while fostering a collaborative environment. In the following interview, Manny shares insights about this plus how to make a meaningful impact in the world of manufacturing.

As the Vice President of Product Strategy, how do you see your role as a leader of people and ideas?

We are a product-first company, and my goal is to help guide Shoplogix into the future. We build modern, helpful products that the company and the manufacturing industry rally around. If I can ensure we maintain and expand upon our stance as an innovator and supporter of premium products, then we will continue to be successful now and into the future.

One of the interesting approaches we take from a technical perspective is leveraging the data we collect from every system and machine to optimize performance, efficiency and revenue of our customers. Every idea we have has to have a resilient response to the question: “What is the value we are creating for our customers if we do this?” If we can enhance our value, we can grow our customer base.

My role is multifaceted and reaches across a number of areas, with different teams reporting to me directly and indirectly. But ultimately, the purpose of everything I do falls under one of two areas – to drive the product and company vision and to create a collaborative environment where creative minds can thrive. As a leader, I focus on providing support, nurturing growth and empowering my teams to bring the product strategy to life. I bring over 20 years of experience to the table to guide conversations intelligently, empathetically and creatively. I don’t want to dictate or tell people what to do. I want to give people as much ownership as possible to make decisions.

What are you excited about right now?

We are building a big data platform and database so we can start launching ML algorithms and AI-driven solutions. The intent is to build out the functionality to look at all of the manufacturing data we collect and harness insights that lead to predictive and real-time, data-driven recommendations and decisions.

For us, the future is nothing short of a virtual production assistant – the “Hey Alexa” of the manufacturing world.

What do you think people like about the culture and purpose of Shoplogix?

One of the amazing things about Shoplogix is that we are a Canadian-founded and funded company with headquarters in Oakville. We have a global reach and a global team with a high level of cultural diversity and awareness. As Canadians, we are open to adapting to the needs of those around us, so we say, “We hire people with a similar mindset.” What we mean is we hire people with an open mind who take the mission of our work seriously.

Shoplogix is genuinely a fun place to be. We have a remote working model and an open-house policy. We encourage our teams to come into the office for in-person collaboration and socialization, but we also allow them flexibility to work from home. In turn, our teams can reach out to counterparts across the Atlantic and find common meeting times to brainstorm and solve problems.

As a remote-first company, we are navigating the challenges of nurturing a social culture while experiencing the benefits of being able to hire truly talented developers who may live over an hour away from the office.  At the office, we have a games room, regular company lunches and soccer games. In the past, we’ve had elaborate dinners at local wineries, though I personally preferred brewery tours. We’re not the only ones trying to figure this out, but as leaders, we know we want to ensure that the atmosphere here is more easygoing and refreshing while continuing to be driven and focused.

The professional environment we foster here is one that is challenging and rewarding. If a suggestion or method doesn’t work out, then we take that as a lesson learned and use it to innovate an even better solution. We embody a growth mindset at Shoplogix, and that’s truly what has gotten us here today. We’re evolving an entire industry by introducing digital and data solutions that help companies operate efficiently right from the manufacturing floor. This isn’t coming from their head offices – it’s tangible, actional information coming to them as they work.

As a technologist, whether you are a developer, designer, architect or product manager, the opportunity to work for a product-first company is appealing. The knowledge that you are bringing about a transformation, building things that don’t already exist and making an impact on the everyday worker and the revenue of big companies is professionally satisfying.

If you want to grow and apply your technical skills at a company that is continuously pushing the limits of innovation in big data for any level of the global manufacturing industry, check out our openings here. Or follow us on LinkedIn to stay up to date on new opportunities.

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