Accelerate Digital Transformation Through IIoT Smart Factory Software [Playbook Download]

Globally, digital transformation in manufacturing operations are moving forward as customer demand increases—which means manufacturers need to invest in gaining the edge, securing growth, improving products, and winning in their markets.” – Nick Marchioli, VP Global Sales, Shoplogix

In today’s tumultuous and unusual market climate, the survival of the fittest is no longer about size or strength and all about the ability to change —to be agile, adapt, and seek out opportunities for growth and become a factory of the future. While it has become a buzzword in the past few years, digital transformation (DX), still remains the most powerful catalyst to advance into the next level of smart manufacturing excellence.

The rapid adoption of IIoT smart factory technology in manufacturing operations is accelerating digital transformation initiatives faster than ever before and reshaping the landscape of many industries such as Food and Beverage, CPG, Packaging, and Automotive to name a few.

Nearly 75% of companies have committed to the digital transformation journey. However, only 25% have reached more mature levels. Many manufacturers are also hesitant to embark on DX initiatives due to the assumed complexity of the journey.

To help you understand where to begin your digital journey, make sense of complex big data and shorten the time to DX for your operations, Shoplogix smart factory experts have created an 11-step playbook to drive digital transformation through IIoT smart factory software. DOWNLOAD NOW!

Download the playbook to gain actionable insights into:

  • What digital transformation means and why it matters to the future of your operations.
  • How to assess and evaluate your digital maturity and technology ecosystem to identify gaps in data and processes.
  • Adopting best practices employed by Global 1000 companies, to drive your digital transformation initiatives forward.
  • Understanding smart factory technology and its role in created a connected factory of the future.
  • Defining realistic and measurable ROI and sustaining growth. Bonus ROI calculator included! 
  • How to implement change management and foster a continuous improvement culture.

Achieving digital transformation for your operations during this unprecedented time is not impossible. The necessity of DX for business survival has been brought to light now more than ever before. If you look back on the previous three industrial revolutions, what have they taught us? That the true leaders in an industrial revolution are those who understand the importance of change, are eager to innovate and explore new technology solutions. Can you afford to miss out on this opportunity?

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