FIRESIDE CHAT: Manufacturers’ Response to COVID-19

COVID-19 is challenging the way “things have always been done” in manufacturing. From food and beverage, CPG, packaging, through to automotive and medical equipment manufacturing, supply chains and production processes are being disrupted with key consumer behavior and demand continuously changing.

How will your operations stay ahead of market changes and more importantly, remain competitive post-pandemic?

Join us for a panelist discussion with manufacturing leaders from Flagstone Foods, Mauser Packaging Solutions, and Magna International to learn how manufacturers are strategizing for today and the future. It will be a conversation with real-world manufacturers driving change management across their operations to optimize production output and engage employees during challenging times.

Join us and learn:

  • How manufacturers are facilitating their business continuity plans and efforts; 
  • How manufacturers are increasing production visibility to adapt to capacity changes; 
  • How manufacturers are safeguarding their employees to maintain production output and morale;
  • Strategies and best practices manufacturers are implementing today to invest in the future of their factories.

About our panel:

Scott Jackson
Senior Vice President of Operations
Flagstone Foods, LLC

With over 32 years of management experience encompassing operations and distribution in the consumer products industry, Scott is responsible for the strategic vision and leadership of Environmental Health & Safety, Quality Assurance, Manufacturing, Asset Reliability and Engineering Capex for all production facilities within Flagstone Foods. Scott’s prior experience includes roles of increasing responsibilities in processing and packaging management, operations analysis, supply chain, and operations management. Underneath Scott’s professional accomplishments, his true passion is to help others reach their goals and stretch their capabilities.

Darren Charbonneau
Director of Lean Manufacturing and Operational Improvement Magna International – Mechatronics America’s

With 22 years of operations experience spanning multiple roles at Magna International, Darren has led Magna division plants, productions, launches, and QC specifications. He is currently championing lean strategies and operational improvements across Magna’s Mechatronics group responsible for the OEE, kaizen culture, and continuous improvement across the division. Darren’s passion for tech to drive CI has made him an early adopter of smart factory technology where he was first to implement the Shoplogix smart factory platform at Magna 6 years ago.

Mark Sullivan
VP of Operations

With over 17 years of manufacturing operations experience in increasing plant profitability and reducing cost utilizing sound manufacturing systems, Mark is specialized in turnaround ventures adopting Lean Manufacturing tools. As Mauser’s plant manager, he has full P&L responsibility for the $93 million facility and has achieved corporate EDITDA goals through continuous improvements and cost reductions. Mark’s key to success is driven through leadership by example to challenge employees to enable root cause problem solving and behavior-based safety. Mark’s leadership has successfully driven $8.6 million of CAPEX projects and developed a safety committee and culture to reduce accident to 0 OSHA recordables.

Shoplogix Smart Factory IIoT Platform with Remote Monitorin

Shoplogix is re-defining the manufacturing industry by making the Smart Factory platform the cornerstone of digital production performance transformation. With plug and play implementation that captures machine data instantly, Shoplogix offers remote access to real-time operation data for advanced monitoring. By empowering manufacturers to visualize, integrate, and act on production performance, Shoplogix helps to adapt to changing demand, uncover hidden shop floor potential and drive rapid time to value.

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