Going beyond the hunt: Featuring Derek Chen – Head of Sales Operations and Business Development

At Shoplogix, “Elegant solutions to difficult problems” is our mantra.

Our solutions are bringing automation, artificial intelligence, and machine learning to the manufacturing industry worldwide. We help optimize their business to prevent temporary or long-term shutdowns and manage labour costs through efficient and effective manufacturing processes.

While our purpose is to grow our revenue, as part of our Sales team, you are the bridge connecting customers to the technology they need to thrive, impacting their ability to be competitive. Right now, we have a lofty but achievable growth target and plans to scale our operations. The current market trends on a global level show us that our ambitions are within reach, and all we need are the innovative relationship builders to help us penetrate further.

We want to enthusiastically drive customer retention through engagement and satisfaction as a team.

Our approach to solution sales is the direct interaction we have with end-users, starting with empowering our people with insights into niche industries, the specific machines they use and how we optimize. As a group driven by curiosity and the drive to solve problems, it’s deeply satisfying to travel to client sites and explore the manufacturing floors. We tour the plants, speak with operators, CI teams, and managers and genuinely get a feel for how and where we can optimize processes through automation, data analysis and efficiencies introduced and managed in real-time by our applications.

Whether your background is in manufacturing or continuous improvement, we are looking for anyone who is eager to learn, likes solving problems, drives efficiency, and optimizes processes. This is a chance to bring everything together and step up to the challenges facing demanding industries. This is a group of prospects that remain largely untapped in terms of data-driven automation, and we help our clients not just catch up but thrive in an accelerating world.

Potential, best practices, and impact.

At Shoplogix, we have the advantage of being owned by Constellation Software, a conglomerate that invests in their companies to ensure success. As a result, we have the stability, financial support and best practices of an enterprise while retaining the nimbleness of an SMB company. There is genuine potential to be part of a technology transformation across a global industry both at a big-picture level and a micro one.

With the new President and GM, positive changes are on the horizon and an openness to hear and implement ideas is welcome from anyone at any level. I brought up the opportunity to create a Sales Operations team; that’s been an enriching challenge and learning curve. I’m excited to see how I can make it a success to build out my team and our reach further.

SaaS sales can be as rewarding as the product you sell or the problem you are solving; it can be about breaking into new territory or building relationships with clients. At Shoplogix, we can offer you all of that and more. Right now, we’re hiring for our Sales Operations, Account Management, and Business Development teams. To learn more about Shoplogix or these opportunities, check us out on LinkedIn or apply here

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