How to Realign Your Goals on the Manufacturing Floor

It’s time to set yourself up for success and tackle everyday manufacturing challenges with ease and agility. Read on for our guide on how to realign your daily goals on the manufacturing floor.

Harnessing the power of smart factory technology

Smart factory solutions exist to make your everyday tasks as seamless and easy as possible. For example, automation tools can be utilized to create greater accountability while improving communication across an entire enterprise. The need for manual labor when it comes to keeping track of your daily tasks is no more as automation can create instant records, collect data and use that information to improve overall efficiency and productivity. 

It’s with automated smart factory tools that you can keep everyone accountable, get true representations of key performance indicators (KIPs) and uncover end-to-end (E2E) operational opportunities at the same time. The result is the ability to realign your manufacturing goals in real time and boost the throughput of your shop floor. Additionally, the boost to throughput can significantly alter the bottom line for the better, enabling better performance at scale.

All about the Digital Andon

Our Digital Andon solution does just that – with key features that solve automation, accountability and communication challenges. Let’s take a closer look into these features by exploring what they entail alongside their benefits.

At a high level, automation in the Digital Andon feature allows users to connect to their current devices on the shop floor. Since this doesn’t require a complete overhaul of a manufacturing facility’s infrastructure, the data collection process is seamless in transforming how users view and interpret key information.

Automation on the manufacturing floor

Alert scheduling, for example, is a Digital Andon capability that configures schedules for when users get alerted about text messages and emails. These notifications can then be escalated through multi-level management capabilities that bring issues to attention depending on how much time has passed and the priority levels. 

Since paging is automated, these alerts follow supported industrial protocols, enabling staff to focus on their main responsibilities as opposed to exhausting their efforts in scrutinizing whether or not protocols are being followed by their peers.

Accountability without downtime

In terms of accountability, the Digital Andon solution allows users to identify challenges, page the correct department and resolve those issues as quickly as possible. At the same instance, users can receive detailed tracking data without the need for machine downtime. 

The capability that allows for two levels of tracking means staff can track when pages are sent, viewed and reviewed by others. Meanwhile, detailed logs of these pages can continue to champion accountability by indicating the response and resolution times. Additionally, with the use of full-screen views, users can examine entire logs at a glance after receiving an alert.

Communication across multiple departments

As for the communication capability of the Digital Andon feature, it can support various departments across a manufacturing facility. As a result, operators and key decision makers such as managers and executives can delegate tasks to the right people. It’s through the multi-level support of up to five separate departments with different paging data that this can be accomplished.

Customization tools are also useful in renaming default departments to names of one’s choice, which further enable better communication. Further implementations that boost performance levels include sending page alerts through either text messages or emails.

Realigning the day-to-day goals of your manufacturing floor through smart factory tools is only one key step in digital transformation and plant-wide innovation. To learn more about how modern technologies can solve daily challenges and consistently boost your bottom line, contact

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