Manufacturing Analytics Software Benefits
11 Dec 2020

Shoplogix Manufacturing Analytics Software is Now Available!

We are excited to announce the launch of the much-anticipated Shoplogix Manufacturing Analytics Software! Provided as part of our IIoT Smart Factory Platform, this new functionality provides all the capabilities that third-party analytics tools offer, without any setup required. More than just an analytics platform, the intuitive visual interface paired with interactive dashboards transforms data, providing instant end-to-end production visibility that fuels your operational growth. 

Shoplogix is redefining what manufacturers need when it comes to smart factory software. Our big-data analytics will take our customers from business intelligence to manufacturing intelligence. Everything is easier; start with the speed of loading your dashboards, simple filtering, and big-data rending, to our new machine-type benchmarking capabilities, the Shoplogix Analytics Platform will be a game-changer for our customers. – Manny Bonilla, VP of Product Strategy


IoT Smart Factory Platform + Manufacturing Intelligence Integrated Data Data Analytics



Interactive Dashboards for a Complete Understanding of Your Production operations to Improve ROI


Interactive Dashboards

No more information overload. We’ve done the heavy lifting for you and built out-of-the-box dashboards that focus on your key areas of focus: Production, Quality, Continuous Improvement, Job Performance, and Executive-Level.

Each dashboard is tailored around a specific scenario. Need to perform root cause analysis? Load up the Continuous Improvement dashboard. Curious about your weekly performance? Check the Production dashboard.

In a matter of minutes, your teams will be able to find the information they care about without getting bogged down with bloated datasets or cumbersome report setup time. 

Empower your teams to shift from reactive processes to focus on what really matters – business growth and continuous improvement.


Check the health of all your plants in under 15 minutes


Historically, it’s been challenging for manufacturers to get a good handle on multi-plant operations in one single view. But now, with our out-of-the-box Executive dashboard, it doesn’t matter how many plants you have or how many servers your data is using. In a single dashboard, you’ll be able to see your full production performance.

We know your Executive teams are too busy to dive into the numbers all the time. So we designed this dashboard with the goal that you can learn about the health of all your plants between essential business meetings.


Smarter Analytics and Team Sharing Capabilities



Analytics platforms aren’t complete without robust publishing and sharing controls. 

With numerous security controls, each member of your team can be set to be either a Designer (you can edit or create new dashboards) or a Viewer (you can view and interact with a dashboard without making unintentional changes). All viewers will be able to quickly subscribe to an emailed dashboard and set schedules to get reports delivered to your inbox when you want them.


Built to Last – Invest in Your Customer Retention, Today and Tomorrow!


There’s no better time to invest in your operational excellence to meet changing market and customer demand. IIoT, cloud-based manufacturing software is accelerating production growth, digitizing shop floors, and future-proofing operations. 

As the manufacturing technology landscape continues to evolve, Shoplogix Analytics software is designed to serve your current goals as well as future needs. Feel confident knowing that this functionality will help you measure your production performance to meet your unique customer needs through this unprecedented time and well into the future.  

To learn more about the Shoplogix IIoT Smart Factory Platform with built-in analytics software, book a live demo with a smart factory expert below!  


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