Shoplogix Supports IAC’s Smart Factory in Halewood

Shoplogix was recently mentioned in an article outlining IAC’s Industry 4.0 strategy at their Halewood operation. In the article, author Mike Vousden highlights a number of initiatives by IAC to support their path to building smarter and more efficient factories. Projects include IAC’s use of autonomous guided vehicles (AGVs), collaborative robots, and—of course—Shoplogix:

“Simply installing a fleet of AGVs wouldn’t be enough to drag the factory into Industry 4.0 – those systems need connecting together to leverage real benefits. Step in Shoplogix, a computer program that’s enabled IAC to link up nearly every machine it owns across all its manufacturing locations. With this, managers can monitor every part of the production process including job time, idle time and waste amount, allowing them to identify and solve hold ups, and make optimisations backed up with real-time performance data.”

Beyond Halewood, IAC intends on expanding its Industry 4.0 factory design to facilities across Europe, including the Czech Republic and Poland. We are thrilled to continue supporting the digital transformation of manufacturing across the globe.

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