Driving Manufacturing Intelligence: Shoplogix’s Transformative Impact on Efficiency and Savings

Thanks to innovative solutions, Shoplogix helped a company achieve remarkable milestones, including a noteworthy 10% reduction in speed loss and an impressive annual dollar savings of over $400,000. In this blog post, we will dive deeper into how this was accomplished and how our technologies propelled a company towards unparalleled success.

The need for improved operational efficiency

A food manufacturer wished to reduce speed loss, enhance operational efficiencies and increase annual dollar savings. However, the company faced significant hurdles. For example, the bagging machines suffered from a substantial 20% speed loss while also experiencing 13% downtime and 18% process starvation.

Additionally, the different bag sizes resulted in suboptimal speed performance. The company struggled with the lack of centerline visuals, crucial performance data and opportunities for improvement.

Actionable insights, better visuals and reliable analytics

Shoplogix’s comprehensive solutions acted as a catalyst for transformative change, equipping the food manufacturer with the necessary tools to overcome these challenges.

  • Actionable Insights: Shoplogix uncovered a significant revelation — the majority of speed loss was attributable to the food manufacturer’s 3 oz bags. Equipped with this information, the company went for a targeted approach, effectively reducing speed loss by an impressive 10%.

  • Better Visuals: With the implementation of Shoplogix’s digital dashboard setup, the company gained access to intuitive and comprehensive visualizations. Real-time data insights for shifts, bag sizes, baggers, performance targets and speed provided operators with an accurate view of production processes and enabled smarter decisions. 

  • Reliable Analytics: By leveraging analytics, Shoplogix went into complex data patterns and allowed operators to discover key data correlations. After identifying key performance indicators (KPIs), the operators were able to tap into opportunities for improvement.
Efficiency, savings and continuous improvement

By strategically capitalizing on identified opportunities for operational improvements, the food manufacturer realized substantial annual dollar savings amounting to over $400,000.

Meanwhile, machine downtimes experienced a significant reduction, translating into an annualized decrease of operational hours while achieving an average weekly output of over 40,000 lbs.

Additionally, the notable 10% reduction in speed loss proved pivotal, leading to a substantial annual increase of over 2,000,000 lbs. This accomplishment underscores the significant impact of the implemented improvements.

The partnership between Shoplogix and the food manufacturer serves as a testament to the power of advanced manufacturing solutions in driving operational efficiencies and achieving tangible cost savings.

Presently operating at an impressive efficiency level of 90%, the company remains committed to continuous improvement, with the ultimate aspiration of reaching 100% efficiency.

To learn more about our solutions, contact the Shoplogix team at info@shoplogix.com.

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