Take Control of Your Labor
Costs with Shoplogix Labor

Understand your labor utilization relative to your machine performance data and reduce the cost of manufacturing your products with Shoplogix real-time labor tracking.

Labor Costs

Configure Employee Login capabilities to each of your machines and processes, gaining real-time feedback of true cost per part to drive continuous improvement and cost reductions such as decreasing overscheduling.

Gain Performance

Gain visibility into machine uptime, downtime and perform root-cost analysis of labor compared with production run speeds to receive accurate machine costs per employee.

Improve Employee

Make smarter decisions on time division between operator responsibilities and maintenance responsibilities to ensure the right employees are placed in the correct activities to improve productivity.

See how Shoplogix integrated Labor Tracking software compares with standalone Workforce and ERP software labor data.

CapabilityLabor utilization only available using workforce management and ERP Assignment Shoplogix Labor tracking
Real-time visibility into labor utilization per machine
Alerts to operations or department managers when machines expected # of employees
Real-time visibility into labor utilization per part
Feedback to ERP on actual labor utilization
Ability to perform root-cost analysis of labor compared with Production Runspeeds
Ability to understand true cost of maintenance and changeover downtimes
Accurate time division between operator responsibilities (Downtime Evaluation & Escalation, Machine Startups) and Maintenance Responsibilities - Analysis, Repair, Released to Production)
Build downtime reduction strategies between departments using automated data

Track labor from sign-on to sign-off to uncover hidden productivity potential

Employee Login

Maintenance sign-on/sign-off capabilities to every machine provide time-to-request, time-to-response, time-to-repair, time-to-restart data.

ERP and Job
Expectations Integration

Connect ERP and Job Expectations to Shoplogix labor tracking software to track direct labor rate variances per machine and per product. Bidirectional communication of data allows real-time updates to ERP on Actual Labor Utilization.


Leverage alerting capabilities based on the expected time to complete goals. Receive alerts when machines are exceeding the expected number of employees

Our Customers’ Results Speak For Themselves.

“The reduction in labor dollars is the main driver to justify the ROI Shoplogix, ranging from $18,000 to $22,000 for 1 OEE point improvement, presents a quick payback on our system. The other benefit is having all the real-time maintenance metrics readily available to justify spend on new equipment.”
-Mark Sullivan, VP North America, Mauser
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Productivity Increase


Runtime Increase


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