Connect your manufacturing
data, assets, processes, and
people to dollars

Seamlessly connect assets to your plant supporting functions. Gain real-time data insights into your scheduling, quality, and material consumption process. Drive alerts and notifications around quality issues and material shortages to quickly resolve production downtime.

Real-time Production

Increase production visibility with dashboards and real-time reporting. Immediately identify losses and cost-saving opportunities.


A robust MES to connect data, people, processes, and assets that improve production visibility to identify accurate downtime causes and OEE.

Run Lean

Introduce a paperless process into your operations with tablets mounted to individual machines to allow operators to view digital dashboards, notices, and tasks.

Flexible and Scalable Features to Grow Your Operations


Optimize job scheduling and understand the impact of real-time schedule changes on resources, production, and on-time delivery.

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Automatically monitor and control processes and procedures to produce more quality products with less waste and rework.

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Efficiently plan, control and manage the flow of materials from component parts to finished goods. Monitor key process parameters and identify out of tolerances in real-time.

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Automatically track and analyze labor efficiency to optimize your workforce on all your customer orders.

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Increase in OEE


Decrease In Speed Loss


Increase In Ebitda


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Business Value and Justification
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