Shoplogix Champions Collaboration, Speed and Efficiency Within the Manufacturing Industry

In a world of supply chain issues and labor shortages, Shoplogix products are proven solutions. They innovate smart solutions that enable manufacturers to optimize their machines and shop floors. This is accomplished through artificial intelligence (AI), machine learning (ML) and data analytics.

Fostering collaborative cross-functionality and tangible results

Shoplogix is a proud Canadian company from our inception and through our acquisition by Constellation Software. Our reputation as a well-funded, well-led company with industry expertise and deep knowledge of the sectors we serve positions us as an outstanding place to grow your career in technology. Joining us is a chance to take a research and development (R&D) approach to hyper-real issues, see our solutions in action when possible and help grow a Canadian success story. In addition, being part of the Shoplogix team is a chance to be a valued member of a cross-functional company that fosters a culture of access and equality from the CEO down to the newest team member. 

We believe great ideas can come from anyone. At Shoplogix, it’s not simply about giving you the space to voice an opinion. It’s about creating an environment that nurtures idea generation and bringing that idea to life. That starts with our cross-functional collaboration efforts. Our product management team strives to involve all departments in new projects. We work on requirements discovery with customer service personnel and brainstorm with our engineers on features and functionality. Recently, we had to create a front-end interface for an aspect of the platform’s configuration. We came together with members from different teams to share knowledge on our customer’s needs, introduced potential concepts and barriers, tested diverse perspectives and launched a feature that met all the expectations for a successful delivery. 

We are a mid-sized company in terms of revenue and team size, which translates to immediate and long-term opportunities. We are also a continuously modernizing group that’s moving to horizontal architecture solutions, edge computing and big data databases. Every developer contributes to critical customer-facing solutions and new, active projects. You will have the chance to learn new technologies, collaborate on new features, work across the software development lifecycle (SLDC) and either be a technical leader or a people manager. We’re starting to see manufacturing come out of their coronavirus (COVID-19) budget limitations, so the growth potential is exciting for every individual here.

We’ve sold to manufacturing companies in the areas surrounding our Oakville headquarters. We often visit the shop floor during operating hours as well. You can see our systems and how operators on the floor and in planning meetings interact with our platform. It’s that rare opportunity to see your code come to life. It’s rare and changes your way of thinking, sparks innovation and offers a level of professional satisfaction seeing what you’ve worked on in action.

Responding to real-world, urgent demands for speed and efficiency in manufacturing

We help manufacturers with their digital transformation using our Smart Factory software platform. Ultimately, working on or with our development team is a chance to work with AI, ML and the Internet of Things (IIoT). This gets you into the exciting, often untapped challenges of introducing and implementing digitization for an industry worldwide. Our solutions offer our customers the chance to analyze real-time production and operational data, respond to it immediately and prevent setbacks proactively. 

Manufacturing is about performance and measurable key performance indicators (KPIs) in very real and obvious ways. We create software that enables manufacturing excellence and empowers digital transformation. As a result, our customers continue to exist and contribute to local economic health and growth. In addition, we optimize businesses to prevent temporary and long-term shutdowns. We also help manage labor costs through efficient and effective manufacturing processes. 

“Elegant solutions to difficult problems” is our mantra. Doing this on a global level for our biggest customers is an exciting and enriching challenge as we see our work come to fruition. That enables us to prove ourselves as leaders with cutting-edge technology solutions that push boundaries and deliver easy-to-use tools with tangible results.

Joining Shoplogix is an opportunity to accelerate your technical skills and expertise with the latest in technology, data and manufacturing operations. From approaching problems with an engineering mindset and testing those theories to thinking of sustainability, resilience and scalability, you will gain broad and deep experiences while helping Canadian and international companies transition into optimized, smart factories that are ready for the future.

Right now, we’re hiring for a number of technical positions. To learn more or express your interest, visit our careers page here or follow us on LinkedIn to stay on top of what we’re doing and how we’re growing.

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