Shoplogix Spotlight Interview – Sarah Radulovich

Sarah Radulovich is a Software Developer at Shoplogix. Here, she takes the time to answer four fast questions on what makes us a great place to work.

What are you currently working on, and how might a new team member contribute?

From day one, anyone joining us will experience the excitement of what we are doing in a space that is ready for advanced technology. Everybody’s opinion has equal weight, and good ideas can come from anybody, be they a co-op student or a senior engineer. My focus has been primarily on front-end software development and working with React and TypeScript. What’s incredibly exciting for new hires is the chance to get right into the code and work on new projects almost immediately.

Why should they join Shoplogix over other organizations in this space?

Shoplogix flies under the radar while making a huge impact on a traditional industry such as manufacturing. We work with the latest tools, follow best practices and focus on continuously evolving. It’s a priority for us to not just keep up, but stay ahead of trends while ensuring that what we are building is practical and intuitive. The work we do is used by companies around the world and leads to cost savings, safety, efficiency and increased productivity. We will often send people from different teams right to the manufacturing floor, giving them a chance to see our solutions in action. Knowing that the code you’ve written and the feature you’ve built is making life easier for people directly in manufacturing, almost right away, is very rewarding.

What growth opportunities have you had at Shoplogix?

This is a place where developers are allocated a specific amount of time for training to either learn new technologies or take an R&D approach to solve complex problems. In addition, the way our teams are set up enables us to try different roles and focus on different areas of product design, development and deployment. We’ve had developers move from being more frontend focused to more backend focused. No person is fixed to one project or role permanently. So we’re pretty flexible.

Why do you stay?

Shoplogix is very people-oriented. We like to have fun and joke around with each other. We foster a collaborative environment that feels genuine. I’m part of the social committee, and we’re always planning fun events for the company.

Right now, Shoplogix is hiring for a number of technical roles. To learn more about the opportunities and the company, visit our website here.

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