Top Benefits of the Shoplogix SPC and Messaging Modules

In the fast-paced modern manufacturing industry, the pursuit of excellence is an ongoing process. At the heart of this is the need for process control, seamless communication and data-driven decisions. This is where Shoplogix steps in with our SPC and Messaging modules. These solutions reshape the manufacturing landscape and elevate operational efficiency to unprecedented heights. Read on for details.

Everything to know about the SPC module

Manufacturing isn’t just about creating products – it’s about processes that can ensure quality, efficiency and profitability. Enter the Shoplogix Statistical Process Control (SPC) module, which offers a new dimension of control and precision.

It not only empowers users to establish connections between process and production behaviors, but also uses energy, events and process variables in conjunction with statistical data such as maximum and minimum values to deliver insights on process data points.

Here are the benefits of the SPC module:

Trend Analysis: Undercover patterns and deviations by tracking energy, events and process variables

Statistical Insights: Access critical statistical data through intuitive tables, including maximum, minimum, and standard deviation values

Comprehensive View: Obtain aggregate estimates of process data points for a holistic understanding of your manufacturing operations

All about the Messaging module

Success in the manufacturing industry is also linked to communication efficiency. Collaborative teams, real-time alerts and swift problem solving can make or break a production cycle. Shoplogix’s Messaging module acts as a bridge that connects every area of the plant floor.

Think about a manufacturing environment where communication flows seamlessly – where alerts, messages and updates are transmitted to the right operators at the right time. The Messaging module facilitates this by broadcasting messages across the plant floor. It also serves as an invaluable tool for rapid, automated communication to ensure that vital information quickly reaches the intended recipients.

The key benefits of the Messaging module include the following:

Digital Andon Integration: Seamlessly sync up with the Digital Andon module for an effective communication strategy.

Efficient Information Dissemination: Utilize the whiteboard messaging banner displays to ensure important messages are shown. 

Priority Focus: Leverage safety and quality alerts to ensure that critical information is prioritized for swift action.

Shoplogix’s SPC and Messaging modules are catalysts for transformation. By integrating the SPC module, manufacturers can unlock unparalleled process control and precision, while the Messaging module creates a communication network that enhances collaboration and productivity.

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