Practical Back-to-Work Strategies to Put People First in Smart Manufacturing

A return to regular work is imminent for many manufacturers across the world. This is a welcome move for operations that have struggled through the disruption and those left idle costing millions and even billions of dollars by the week. Despite the many changes to supply chains and processes that COVID-19 has brought to the industry, one thing still remains – the importance of people to operations. Today’s plants still heavily rely on people to function. Manufacturers now face the challenge of creating proper protocols and establishing people-centric processes to ensure the success of reopening facilities. 

Automakers who have already fired up their assembly lines such as MAGNA International have implemented dozens of protocols – from temperature screenings to physical distance barriers, and changes in shifts. It is imperative that other industries such as Food and Beverage and CPG manufacturers establish similar measures – only 10% of executives surveyed recently have done “extensive” planning. 

For many automakers, technology has played a critical role in getting its facilities ready to reopen and establishing long-term strategies to thrive in a post-pandemic world.

Facilitate Employee Safety and Remote Access to Data with IIoT Smart Factory Software

IIoT Smart Factory technology allows manufacturers to protect employees by establishing mandatory checks and reminders in the system to ensure workers are following social distancing rules and are washing hands, disinfecting machines, and generally following the precaution sanitization efforts implemented. Company updates and announcements can also be broadcasted enterprise-wide in the system and through real-time messaging –  a great opportunity to connect people in valuable ways and build culture.

It also collects and provides remote access to key operational data such as top losses, unplanned downtime, OEE performance, and more, to allow applicable employees to access status updates and key information without having to be in the facility, reducing the number of people on the shop floor. 

Put People First in Post-Pandemic Production

While it’s important to establish the right protocols to get up and running again, now is the time to think beyond the pandemic. What will your operations look like a year or 5 years from now? IIoT technologies such as Smart Factory software can add tremendous value to manufacturing operations, but the tech needs to integrate the people. Connecting people with technologies and not just technology to machines is critical to gaining a competitive advantage. 

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